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  1. 3 weeks ago in Dublin I got: Inland - tea obreht Crossing - - patjim statotivic Nobber - oisin fagan On Thursday in the stationery shop in my town as I was getting a mouse for work, I also got Night boat to tangier - Kevin barry The testaments - Margaret atwood Of the 5, the one I most want to get to is Nobber, despite not being interested in getting to Nobber 😉😀
  2. If you go with square for a book - either lengthens line length meaning longer to read a line. Currently, the page is a great length to read a line and start at the next line (as a child, I was not a great reader, rereading lines when going yo the left. This would be similar with phones and why portrait is preferred as opposed to landscape. - or you are making pages smaller, leading to more page turning, breaking a rhythm more. Both longer lines and/or shorter pages seem a little inefficient. Or maybe this is learnt behaviour on my part? We changed accounting package a few years ago. After working with it for 2 weeks, we had a person from the software visit with any problems. I told him in the room of 8 people, why does it like printing in landscape.
  3. Yes, I thought the series was excellent too.
  4. My target is 50, so far I have read 31 by my counting but July was a poor month for me. Mostly I have read short books so far, average length 234 pages I was off last week and read about 100 pages. It was too hot which made me tired to read.
  5. thanks everybody. I did leave many of my TBR pule over in the house on Sunday. Came in useful on Monday when I realised I didn't have a book to read at lunch time I know though there is other carpentry work I need done so making a list on it all before talking to a carpenter
  6. Recent additions Juno Dawson - meat market Frederik backman - a man called ove Jan Carson - the fire starters Sally Rooney - normal people Brigit vanderbeke - you would have left me Simon winder - lotharingia (non- fiction. I read his previous book on danubia which was really good)
  7. I haven't forgotten about BGO but I've been very busy lately. As of last week, I am a home owner and in the process of moving stuff and getting stuff to it. With the mortgage application and all, it was a 3 month process. And now getting stuff in it. Appalled there is no book shelves in the house. NONE!!!! It is something I need to get sorted when finances allow (august/September). Need to get painting done, some small electrical wiring and fit it all out as well as sorting out internet and TV. May/June has also been a busy music period with 6 gigs
  8. iff

    Have a Rant!

    I did get a text before from a pizza place in swords (90 minutes from me. I don't even like pizza). I could opt out. Most likely someone needed a number so put mine down. There was a case a number of years ago where most Mondays I would get calls from men looking for a woman by the name Denise. Wonder if she was from swords I do reminder my doctors once as they didn't have my number, phoned my mother for it. I think nowadays that would be a gdpr breach :d
  9. iff

    Have a Rant!

    I find it ridiculous that candidates are 3 weeks from election and no one knows if there is an election or not. If elections are called off, are the declared candidates due to be reimbursed for their expenses of an election that never took place? Same here, after brexit, Ireland increases to 13 seats but until brexit only 11 meps can be there so 2 get elected and have to wait until Britain leaves meaning the 4th mep for Dublin and 5th for the south do not take their seat until then. I also feel media outlets (the Irish mail, the Sunday times Ireland edition) putting uncritical interviews with a particular candidate on their front page might be crossing the line in terms of canvassing. We also have a referendum on reducing the time frame for divorce from 5 years to 3 years. A work colleague is adamantly opposed to this, comparing it why not legalise bank robbing or murder. I'm not sure where to argue that point. ------ We also have local elections. My constituency is a 6 seater but because of a poster ban in the towns of constituency, I feel awareness is hard and helps the incumbents and I don't like the incumbents that are standing. Awareness is an important factor particularly where there is no local media after the town news website closed.
  10. Review of the Remainder by Alia Trabucco Zeran, translated by Sophie Hughes set in Chile, this novel is about three people, Iquela, Felipe and Paloma. Paloma has just returned from Germany in order to bury her mother, who wanted to be buried in her homeland. The narrative chapters are split between a stream of consciousness from Felipe and a more straight forward narrative from Iquela. Felipe is spending his time counting the dead bodies in grey ash. The coffin of Paloma's mother has gone missing in transit from Berlin and that forms the main storyline of the novel At times, it is a witty novel and a good read. I did prefer the Iquela sections over the Felipe sections but that would be due to the stream of consciousness style of those. It is a very good novel, but it shows more Trabucco Zeran's potential as a novellist rather than being just there yet. It is good that it has made the Man Booker International shortlist but not quite a great novel but I look forward to her honing the writing talent she shows and hopefully she come with a better novel. * * * *
  11. Review of freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi. How to describe this novel? A novel both dealing with non-binary identities mixed with Nigerian spirituality told from the bad demons (Ogbanje) point of view. A violent assault unleashes the first of the demons. The Ada described is the host body for the demons, the feminine Ashugara and the masculine Saint Vincent, creating a conflict in the ada's body. This novels goes from the youth Ada in Nigeria then when they go to school in Virginia and the effect that ogbanje have on The Ada. This was a very good novel but difficult to explain * * * *
  12. I finished it 2 weeks ago and thought it was a very good novel. The descriptions of not using names, I think works really well in that while this is about Northern Ireland, it gives it a universal feel "those across the border" and "those across the water". I loved the way she wrote the novel and it was really good.
  13. I finished this last week and I have to agree with 5 stars. It is an excellent novel and Shamsie did a great work on doing the 5 sections. Reading it, your last paragraph did strike me, as it seemed still somewhat topical today with citizens from ireland and uk who joined ISIS looking to return and the difficult situation that remains but it is hard to see whether this would still be news in a few years time so it lacks the longevity that maybe a novel as good as this deserves. still I thought it was a really good read.
  14. Currently lullaby by Leila slimani
  15. For the booker prize, there is the advisory committee that then select the judges. The sponsor has a representative on the advisor committee but the prize is administered by a trust The advisory committee is listed at the bottom of this press release https://themanbookerprize.com/resources/media/pressreleases/judges-announced-2019-man-booker-international-prize
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