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  1. I read the alchemist I really hated it and would not read coelho again
  2. Have a Rant!

    thanks i had the consultation with the dental surgeon today so still some time but it is in progress at least
  3. Introduce Yourself

    welcome to itsmeagain, muggle and onion budgie. Always great to have new members join hope you all like it here
  4. Have a Rant!

    An update: I was at the dentists tuesday to have my chipped teeth looked at. Of the two teeth I damaged, my dentist put a filling in one of them which is good.  The other tooth, the dentist decided to extract it there as half the tooth is broken, well half the broken half. For the remainder, he has referred me to another dentist in dundalk (15 miles/24 km away) for taking it out and that the other dentist will look at putting in an implant for the broken tooth and removing the root. ithough with the half tooth gone, eating has become a lot easier (ironic?)
  5. It is a cross between autobiography and fiction I should have used autofiction
  6. Review of Shadows on the Tundra by Dalia Grinkeviciute, translated by Delija Valiukenas This is the memoirs of the first year or so of when the author, her mother and brother were part of the mass deportations of Stalin's Soviet Union from Lithuania to a gulag inside the Arctic Circle on the Leptev Sea. (There is a map at the start of the book showing the journey). She was 14 at the time This isn't an easy read, this is full of hardship and struggle through very difficult situation. However, while not easy, I think it was an excellent read and Grinkeviciute does a great job in making the reader aware of the difficulties that she and all the others that were deported faced. Grinkevicuite does a great job in recounting and describing the brutalities and hardships faced by them in first trying to set up the shelters and the fish processing plant, trying to keep warm, dealing with illness and the everlasting struggle present throughout the book of trying to stay alive The book, published by the excellent Peirene Press, includes photos of Dalia and her family with other though in black and white I think this an excellent read. * * * * *
  7. Review of The Last Summer by Ricarda Huch, translated by Jamie Bulloch This novel written in the style of letters from various characters, both of the family and the person hired to protect them is set in Tsarist Russia. The father Yegor is the Governor of a University that due to student unrest, he has closed. Yegor and his family retreat to their summer home to get away from the trouble but the trouble finds them in the way of the hired bodyguard, Lyu, who we find out is part of the group causing unrest. Through the letters, we see the private thoughts of the characters. As well as highlighting the unrest, you also find covered in them, matters of family life, disagreements and things like the family's first car (it was written in 1910 as well as Lyu's plotting. I thought this was a very good novel, really well written and worked very good. * * * * 1/2
  8. review of Monsterhuman by Kjersti Skomsvold, translated by Becky L Crook This is an autofic novel by Norwegian writer Kjersti Skomsvold. Her first novel was the excellent The faster I walk, the smaller I am. This novel starts as 17 year old Kjersti is admitted to a care home for elderly people due to her ME/CFS. The novel progresses into a kind of Writing of novel documenting her writing of her first novel. During the novel, there is a remark about how she'd like to write like Karl Ove Knausgaard. Unfortunately with this unwieldy 450 page autofic novel which has meandered and I found somewhat dull, she has succeeded in that. It just lacked the flare or humour of her first novel and the writing was stilted and I found it quite a trek to get through the novel. The novel could have done with losing 100 pages. * *
  9. the longlist is Belinda Bauer (UK) Snap (Bantam Press) Anna Burns (UK) Milkman (Faber & Faber) Nick Drnaso (USA) Sabrina (Granta Books) Esi Edugyan (Canada) Washington Black (Serpent's Tail) Guy Gunaratne (UK) In Our Mad And Furious City (Tinder Press) Daisy Johnson (UK) Everything Under (Jonathan Cape) Rachel Kushner (USA) The Mars Room (Jonathan Cape) Sophie Mackintosh (UK) The Water Cure (Hamish Hamilton) Michael Ondaatje (Canada) Warlight (Jonathan Cape) Richard Powers (USA) The Overstory (Willian Heinemann) Robin Robertson (UK) The Long Take (Picador) Sally Rooney (Ireland) Normal People (Faber & Faber) Donal Ryan (Ireland) From A Low And Quiet Sea (Doubleday Ireland) i have to admit that I haven't read any of them
  10. World Cup 2018

    As being from a small country myself, I'd really like to see Croatia win.
  11. Have a Rant!

    Thanks meg
  12. Have a Rant!

    I hope so. I had finally found my zest for it getting out for several rides (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) in the last few weeks after what seemed a long winter. I had been thinking I did a lot this June in comparison as both 2016 and 2017 were spoiled by sickness and 2018 was my first clear run since 2015. Yes, I had texted my boss on Sunday evening about it and again yesterday, he rang today with the words "he'll see me when he sees me and I feel up to it" I won't be having face to face meetings anyway for the time being. I was going to go to two gigs this week, tonight was tune yards and on Friday, it was Paul simon, James Taylor and bonnie raitt. My eldest brother was willing to take the tune yards ticket but for the Paul simon etc etc, I had hoped my middle brother would take that one as the other ticket is my mums but unfortunately he doesn't want to.
  13. Have a Rant!

    I was out cycling on sunday when a Jeep up ahead had slowed down and after it sped up, all of a sudden is a loose calf running on the road without giving me a chance to make preventative action to avoid the calf. with my front wheel, it had made contact with the calf's legs. I come crashing down on the road. injured my knee, hand, elbow, shoulder, bruising and lacerations on the face and very bloodied nose and I also damaged some teeth of mine, chipping them. Stayed over night on Sunday in hospital. Have had scans on face, knee, wrist yesterday and a ct scan yesterday morning and in the afternoon, an mri. The result being broken nose, broken cheekbone but the shadow on ct scan was nothing in the MRI, thankfully meaning I was discharged yesterday evening. but feel pretty bad, trying to not aggravate any tooth problems when speaking or look in mirror as between the bandages and lacerations, not a pretty sight. To answer a question others asked, the calf ran off
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Sorry Meg to hear of the test results of your grandchildren.
  15. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    Added 5 this week Belladonna - dasa drndic Story of a short sighted adolescent - mircea eliade The bear and the paving stone - toshiyuki horie Pride and prejudice - Jane Austen Shatila stories from peirene press (collection of 9 essays from refugees of shatila refugee camp