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  1. I find Houellebecq can either be a brilliant writer (atomised, possibility of an island, map and the territory) or a terrible writer (whatever, platform, serotonin)
  2. I hadn't read the book but watched the film last week and I did like it
  3. Interesting, I made a note of both as possible present ideas for the austenite in my life
  4. The lying life of adults - elena ferrante (my home read) Catastrophe - max Hastings (my work read)
  5. The last two books I bought were Word perfect - susie dent (a word for everyday on etymology. I find etymology interesting. I did read Mark forsythe's etymological and horolgicon. Hardest thing on this is remembering what is the date so to read that date's word ) Ghost in the throat - doireann ni ghriofa
  6. Thanks luna for doing this
  7. I am finding it an interesting show On the most recent one, David baddie made a good point about how in chapter 41 in Emma, it changes perspective and how this hasn't been done in books before it. That is something I mean to bring up with my brother, who is a big Jane austen reader.
  8. I recently watched Fargo season 4 and thought it was superb. Also have started Deutschland 89, having enjoyed 83 and 86. I love a good spy/espionage show. And then, another series I really liked recently was Mr Inbetween on Fox UK. Dark comedy drama from Austrailia.
  9. It is sad to see Bgo go On goodreads, can get a group with closed or approval needed for membership
  10. A work colleague has her Christmas shopping done too. In fairness, she pointed out that we don't know what the position will be with shops this year. She has 4 children from ages 2 to 8 so needs to be prepared if our area goes into lockdown. She said "the children would not be happy if santa couldn't come because of the pandemic"
  11. iff

    Rest in Peace

    Florin schneider, original kraftwerk member at 73 years old Actor Fred willard at age 86 Great comic actor, he had such a gentlemanly of delivering a funny line. He had a real style to him Director Lynn Shelton at 53 I really loved her movies. I rewatch Ed her film say When this evening in memory. So funny, such an enjoyable quirky romCom
  12. I am really liking Devs. Good Omens was very good Waiting for season 4 of me robot but tg4 are repeating season 3 currently. Totally different, but i enjoy zooey's extraordinary playlist Fox UK are starting the last season of brockmire next Monday. Best thing hank azaria has done in 20 years
  13. Love this. We are still working away but it is a little bit disconcerting. Our front door is locked. Hope everyone is OK.
  14. My stocking up in case of self isolation The discomfort of evening - marieke lucas rijneveld Tyll - Daniel kehlmann Aepirogon - colum mccann Winter in sokcho - Eliza shua dusapin The long petal of the sea - isabel allende
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