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  1. Review of the Gurugu Pledge by Juan Tomas Avila Laurel, translated by Jethro Soutar This novel is set on the migrant camp on Mount Gurugu in northern Morocco overlooking the Spanish enclave Melilla. There are various characters in it and the novel revolves about their life before they came to the camp and also life in the camp. Stories told include the superstitious one about a young girl who transforms in the blink of an eye to an elderly lady or the story of the former strongman of idi amin who turns up in a person's home town with his plundered millions or those of a couple of troublemaker. Between these, the camp members also have football tournament (though the football isn't particularly good. It is more something to pass time) between teams representing their respective nations. A lot of the dialogue is very good and humourous particularly between representatives of two teams. Though there is also sombreness to the novel (particularly the final section) and Avila laurel does a great job (as does soutar) in the telling of the novel, I thought this was a very good novel and I liked it alot. * * * * 1/2
  2. something not to do is turn it over to it with 6 minutes left to go in an episode
  3. what is everyone doing?

    The weather has been good here, we haven't seen the same heat that Britain has seen (I can't cope with that heat). Best we have seen is 16 or 17 so not near what has been in England but quite nice.
  4. Rest in Peace

    very well said Binker
  5. Have a Rant!

    What the **** is wrong with some people in this world the first thoughts in my head when I saw this article on cyclingnews.com
  6. what is everyone doing?

    The weather would be nice but the last couple of days have been fairly windy
  7. Rest in Peace

    Number of death Irish country singer Big Tom died at 81. My father would be a fan of his. Barbara Bush at 92 Dale Winton at 62
  8. Amazon

    I received a full refund on my issue but could still leave negative feedback
  9. Amazon

    I rarely buy from marketplace for myself and when I buy for others, it isn't books. I did get an electronic device for Christmas from a marketplace seller. I found the packing of it to be very flimsy and in retrospective, wasn't surprised it wouldn't work. I found dealing with them to be a bit stressful. I did change something by complaining though, the market. Place seller no longer ship to ireland My biggest problem with it has been Amazon shipping with I parcel though last number has not been through I parcel
  10. Pretend I’m Dead

    Sounds interesting
  11. Book Chain

    To the end of the LAND - David grossman
  12. what is everyone doing?

    What Meg said here. On e-mail things, a few weeks ago, I got an e-mail to my yahoo account asking me to confirm my twitter account. I don't have a twitter account but curious I went to twitter and filled out a lost password request to see what would happen. An account had been registered with that e-mail address of mine in February 2018. It hadn't made any tweets or followed any one but still a bit annoyed at my e-mail address being used. I was able to mark this account as "not my account" I checked my 3 other e-mail addresses (gmail, hotmail - now very obsolete and work). The gmail account also had an account though I couldn't find activity. I also marked this as "not my account" Both of the twitter accounts was Phil (my name) followed by 8 numbers. The problem with this stems from twitter not requiring confirmation when registering accounts. But the details could have been got from one of the hacks of yahoo.
  13. Sounds interesting, hazel.
  14. His Bloody Project

    I had actually finished this at the end of last year as it was my last read for 2017. I thought it was a tremendous. I don't think I had picked up on the affair of Lachlan broad and Roddy's mother at the time. I think jetta's death had been suicide but I do agree with the comments on the previous page about their father being abusive to her. Very tough circumstances for poor children of crofters like them. How would I have voted If I was on the jury? I think with the evidence on hand, it would be guilty at least on one of the counts.
  15. A to Z Game

    J is for japan would be a nice place to visit