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  1. Hello, i finally made my way over here. just been venting spleen elsewhere I love reading but haven't done enough recently Live by the sea which sounds idyllic but it's full of chavs eating chips and getting lagered most weekends! Love: comedy, drama, photography, mountains, travel, red wine, big plates of food, deal or no deal (how strange is the phenomenon of chance where someone goes away with loads and other leave with nothing?) and especially dogs! Hate: bones in fish (yes, i was a 70's kid still getting my head round the fact that fish doesn't always come in fingers
  2. I am still thinking about this book six months after I read it and in fact, saw it in Waterstones the other day and it sent a shiver down my spine. I absolutely, categorically hated it. Made myself finish it but couldn't get on with the characters at all. I just wanted to slap Tommy around the face most of the time and Kathy was naive to the point of nausea. I felt they were all poorly constructed and didn't feel quite real - or was that the point and I missed it?!?! The subject matter was brave and I have never read anything that tackles the same issue before, so in that sense it was gr
  3. Hello hello, i'm new here today and was browsing the site and came across this thread.... I was lucky enough to get a copy of McEwan's latest book for my birthday two weeks ago. I thought I'd read it in one go but surprised myself by putting it down after reading about 20 pages. So delicious were the agonising descriptions of the two central characters' inner thoughts about their impending first night together as man and wife and the losing of their virginity, I wanted to relish it for as long as possible. McEwan's talent for stripping people bare in a few pages is immense, I love him.
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