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  1. While more geared toward the mystery -- a GREAT book that helped me pull together, and sell WolfPointe is: Telling Lies for Fun & Profit. It was so instrumental - I sought out the author, Laurence Block and asked him to sign it. He most graciously did. Also by Block is-- >Writing the Novel. Mr. Block has an easygoing and humorous way to helping out the writer. I recommend both.
  2. Yes I love my cover. My Publisher had to fight to keep it when she wanted to sign a deal with distributors. They said it was not "marketable" enough. Funny most readers remark favorably about the cover... I even went so far as to purchase the original artwork
  3. I hope my entry was OK...
  4. Most (I mean the huge majority) of novels are sold only after they are finished. Non-fiction is often sold on partials and outlines. Now this is not to say that it NEVER happens in opposite fashion. Novels have always been sold via "the pitch". Every agent asks for a 100-400-word synopsis, which is often a pitch and the back cover blurb to boot. If your agent feels he can sell an unfinished novel by you, then your talent is very marketable. In my experience (I have only one sale - but been on the receiving end of many stories) often only "Best seller" status can secure a sale on unwritten or
  5. Personally the two are intertwined. In my case, and as I have found, in many authors past is the point where one says, "I can do that." To do it though you need to study writing and style as well as plot and character developent. They best way? Read.
  6. In Costume?? I guess I'm in the clear on that one. Been busy proofing off another MS. Wish me luck
  7. 'Tis exciting times! I wish you the best of luck and I know you have the skill already.... Happy Promotion!
  8. All I can say is you do not have a novel in you until the novel is out of you. As much as I am an undisciplined person, writing a novel (40-200K words) takes a sense of stick-to-itness. Perhaps you can set aside 1-2 hours a day to write - and write every day. It does not matter the quality - you need to get it on paper. Obviously the better the quality the quicker the edit - but and in particular, for the first one --- Get it on paper. Sorry - no easy way Besides -- as you will most likely find writing it is the easy part, selling it is the big job...
  9. Whenever anyone asks this question I always answer, "Be ready for rejection." I don't think that answer can adequately get you ready for rejection. My advice is - go into selling Life Insurance. Once you get used to that rejection, literary rejection is easy. I wrote another novel first --- took years. I don't know how to type (well beyond 2 fingers) so the 224000 epic took while. Especially once I discovered it does not come off you fingers ready-to-read. You have to edit and change and mold and explain. As it turned out THAT was the easy part. I was bound and determined NOT to self publish
  10. I hope you don't mind a bit of self-toot here. I have found, when you are starting out often you are the only one to blow the horn. WolfPointe is a psychological thriller with a dose of supernatural, just for added zip. It was a blast to write and if you are so inclined either ask for it at your library or purchase a copy nearly everywhere. Always willing to talk. And a second Malcolm MacKurghdy Mystery is in the works.
  11. Yes that is I. WolfPointe started out in 2001 as an ebook. It did OK -- but for me the market was not there. It was difficult to promote something I could not hold up. When Lida Quillen my Publisher at Twilight Times Books made the announcement that they were going to paper, I was thrilled. WolfPointe was not only the first to officially go paper; it has been the best selling title this year. It has been fun and I am always looking for new way to get people to see it.
  12. Hi I was hanging out at Bookcrossing.com and a recomondation to this site was made. Being an author - I thought I'd make myself known....
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