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  1. On DVD: Eastern Promises **** La Vie En Rose ***** A History of Violence ***** The Kite Runner **** *The Mark of Caine **** *Boy A ***** Sunshin *** The Brave One*** The Badge *** Butterfly on a Wheel *** Chaos *** Match Point **** Hallam Foe **** And When Did You Last See Your Father? ***** Black Irish **** Disturbia *** Away From Her **** My Summer of Love ***** The Devil Wears Prada **** Out of the Blue **** The Lives of Others ***** At the Cinema: Gone Baby Gone **** Sex and the City **** No Country for Old Men ***** My Blueberry Nights **** Forgeting Sarah Marshall ** Flashbacks of a Fool ***** *These films were broadcasted as TV dramas, though as they appeared at some film festivals over the last year, I have counted them as films.
  2. While I'm online, I may as well post another message about a film I watched recently on DVD (Another sale purchase: £3.00!). Mike Leigh's controversial film "Vera Drake" is a superb insight into the life of housewife Vera, who illegally performs abortions for free for girls who have "got themselves into trouble". It is a moving and beautifully acted film, and does not sensationalise the subject matter. My Verdict: ***** Vera Drake is on release from Momentum Pictures, Certificate 12.
  3. I've just finished watching a film called "Shadowboxer". I saw it advertised as a "Blockbuster Exclusive" for a limited time only and decided to wait until it was on General Release DVD. I wanted to watch it simply because it stars Helen Mirren. Luckily I fished it out of a "STOCK CLEARANCE" selection for only £1.99. It was a good film, with a beautiful music score (including some wonderful 'cello solos) and the peformances from Mirren and Cuba Gooding Jr. are good. There are some weird scenes (such as blending sex with violence) but the over all film was very watchable, if a little violent towards the end. My Verdict: **** Shadowboxer is on release from High Fliers Films, Certificate 18.
  4. I've been going through another film faze recently (I do this quite often, books then audiobooks then film then music) so I've been watching loads of films (some for a 2nd or more time). On DVD I've watched: Spider-Man 2 **** Mrs Henderson Presents **** Elizabeth: The Golden Age **** The Beach *** Bend it Like Beckham **** As You Like It **** Pierrepoint ***** Iris ***** Snow Cake **** A Mighty Heart **** Little Children *** Shadowboxer **** Venus **** At the Cinema I've seen: The Other Boleyn Girl **** Juno **** Cloverfield *** National Treasure: Book of Secrets ** There Will Be Blood *****
  5. I sometimes worry I'm a too slower reader, as I have friends that get through a book a week. I don't know whether It's my attention span or something. I now listen to more audiobooks so I don't notice my slow reading rate!
  6. I've just been to the library and have borrowed: Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist Published in paperback by Quercus. Insomnia by Stephen King Published in paperback by Hodder. A Journey Around my Room by Xavier De Maistre Published in paperback by Hesperus Press
  7. On making audiobooks bookmarkable: When you load in a CD audiobook into iTunes and have imported it, right click on it and click "Get Info". On the tabs that come up, click "Options". You will then be given a number of tick boxes and one of them should be "Remember playback position". If you tick that, the iPod should keep its place when an audiobook is stopped mid play. On what I've been listening too: I've just finished listening to Sharon Osbourne: Extreme (Abridged on 3 CDs, from Hachette Audio) as I met her at a book signing recently and felt I should listen to her first book before I read the second. I am currently on the third disc of The Savage Garden by Mark Mills, read by Daniel Philpott (Unabridged on 8 CDs, from Isis Audio). It is good so far, but I hope it picks up pace. I loved listening to The Uncommon Reader, written and read by Alan Bennett (Abridged on 2 CDs, from BBC Audiobooks). It was originally broadcasted on Radio 4, but this extended edition is a wonderful treat.
  8. Did anyone see the new TV adaptation of "Knots & Crosses" on ITV1 last night. I've recorded it but apparently it takes liberties with the plot (nothing new there).
  9. I bought loads of books at the London Book Market under Waterloo Bridge. There's an amazing selection. I bought: The Black Tower, P.D. James, Penguin. Cell, Stephen King, Hodder. The Day of the Triffids, John Wyndham, Penguin. A Certain Justice, P.D. James, Penguin. The Savage Garden, Mark Mills, Harper. Trace, Patricia Cornwell, Sphere. I also bought Sharon Osbourne's second autobiography "Survivor" when I went to her book signing at Bluewater.
  10. Ever since I read a review in a newspaper about this book I have been wanting to read it, but haven't got round to it. Is it quite a bulky, large hardback? If so I might be able to hold on until the paperback is released.
  11. I'm reading it now, and I'm enjoying it (jungling it with an Agatha Christie). It's quite worder, with a lot of long paragraphs, but it has a good story. Something about it makes you keep turning the pages.
  12. I've read loads of her books, and I'm reading her Poirot novel "Cards on the Table". I love it, the characters are so strong and colourful. The edition I'm reading is lovely, it's a facsimile of the first edition. Harper Collins seem to be releasing them by the dozen. Cards on the Table Agatha Christie This facsimile edition published by Harper Collins, Hardback at £10.00. ISBN: 9780007234455 Quite expensive, but worth it I feel. There are also two paperback versions.
  13. I know what you mean, the type face is small, thick and too close together.
  14. Thanks, I shall enjoy getting through my dangerously tall "books-to-read" pile!
  15. I heard Jeremy Paxman talking about this book on Radio 4's A Good Read recently, and wondered if anyone had read it. I've bought it recently, chosing between different editions and prefered the Penguin Classics copy. Does anybody else know it/ read it? Penguin Classics, £7.99 ISBN: 9780141441580 Penguin Popular Classics, £2.00 ISBN: 9780140620566 Oxford World's Classics, £6.99 ISBN: 9780192801692 Vintage Classics, £5.99 ISBN: 9780099511533
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