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  2. Three Jane Austen books for £5 - bargain! And on Sunday I brought Rupert Everetts autobiography, can't wait to read that, the reviews are brilliant. Skyler x
  3. Good luck with your novel. So far I've written an article about the zodiac killer, a piece about the global warming concert, weight/size issues and an article about Chatsworth House. I have just started a piece on Scientology for my next assignment. All of the above have been sent off to editors and have all been rejected. Skyler x
  4. Hi, As some of you may know, I am currently enroled with, The Writers Bureau, I'm part way through the non-fiction part of the course and have been writing pieces to be published. I was just wondering if anyone here has had anything published whether it be an article or a book. How long did it take you to get published? I love writing but at the moment I feel like I'm doing it for nothing as nothing has been published so far and its quite depressing. All my articles have been well-reserved by my tutor. I'm wondering if I'm sending my articles to the wrong people. Any help/tips would be fantastic! Skyler x
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  8. This website is also very good for childrens books online, http://www.booksforchildren.co.uk The books they sell cater for all ages. Skyler x
  9. Interesting comments made by all of you. I'm not really one for long reviews but I'll give it my thoughts and shall re-post with any more after thoughts. Firstly I didn't like the 'nineteen years later' chapter, if anything it left me with even more questions then I already had after reading the final chapter. It wasn't well written or thought through throughly enough for me. There really wasn't any need for that chapter to be there in my opinion. I loved Snape's chapter, which is saying something coming from me because I've always loathed Snape and never thought he'd come good after he killed Dumbledore. His death was so touching and it was a great twist in the tale that he knew Lily from all those years ago and had always loved her. Someone made a comment about finding themselves hating Dumbledore in parts whilst reading and I too felt exactly the same. I also loved his chapter with Harry when everything got explained. Ron and Hermonie's relationship has really grown the most from all the books that have been written. I always knew JK would put them together at the end and I'm glad she did. Ron's a fantastic character, hes always been given the best comical lines to say, along with Fred and George of course, and his character too has grown up so much from the beginning. The deaths were awful. Poor Dobby, I have to admit that I cried when he died and when Harry buried him. Couldn't believe George died - I agree with the comments that there wasn't any thoughts from the Weasley's about his unwelcome death. Lupin and Tonks, again another horrible death, I've always liked Lupins character. Overall I throughly enjoyed the book, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. There were bits that made me laugh and bits that made me cry and I'm really going to miss Harry's adventures. Skyler x
  10. A Hopeless Romantic: Harriet Evans **** My Take: Gary Barlow **** The Devil Wears Prada: Laura Weisberger *** A First Sight: Nicholas Sparks **** Mister Monday: Garth Nix *** Bordeaux Housewives: Daisy Waugh *** A Bend In The Road: Nicholas Sparks **** Dear John: Nicholas Sparks **** The Audrey Hepburn Treasures: Ellen Erwin & Jessica Diamond *****
  11. Hi, I'm a big fan of Take That and if you are I think you'll enjoy this book. I've never really been a fan of Gary but after reading this book I have a new found respect for him as a singer and songwriter. I never realized he worked so hard at his solo career. The book goes all the way back to his early childhood and you can tell music was and is his passion. There are lots of funny stories in the book and its brilliantly written. For anyone who has read it, what do you all think of the last chapter? A lot of people seem to find it odd that he'd put it there in the first place.
  12. I've never read the back page first - it seems pointless to me. I'm getting quite excited/nervous about the book now. I just have a horrible feeling newspapers or the Internet will ruin the ending for people. I think I'm going to try and stay away from the net until I've read the book and I'll get my parents to look at the newspaper for possible 'spoilers' before I read it! Skyler x
  13. Hi, I've just finished reading, 'The Treasures of Audrey Hepburn' written by Ellen Erwin and Jessica Z. Diamond. If you're a fan of Audrey then this is the book for you. Its beautifully put together and there are little pockets of discoveries that help bring this book to life. It tells you everything about Audrey's life, from her birth right up to her death. The pictures are just stunning and it was such a wonderful read. I learnt a lot about Audrey's life on and off screen. Has anyone else read this book? What were your thoughts? Skyler x
  14. Hi, I'm another fan who's eagerly waiting for the new HP book. I feel I have grown-up with Harry and I feel a little sad that it's all ending. I have pre-ordered the new book, about two months ago and I've also re-read the sixth book to refresh my memory. I'm so glad I did because I'd forgotten a lot of what had happened. I hope she doesn't kill Harry off - I was in pieces when she did that with Sirus!! Skyler x
  15. I love Harry Potter and cannot wait until the final book. There is so much that needs answering! I'm a little nervous though, and I'm hoping no websites/newspapers spoil the ending for people. I have to disagree with people about J.K. Rowling not being convincing with Harry's 'moodiness.' In most of the books Harry's moods have been because of something he's been going through, e.g. Sirus death. We also have to take into account that he can't be a 'normal' boy, so of course he's going to get moody and I think that is what J.K tries to get across in the books; Harry sometimes feels frustrated with his life. Favourite characters in the book are of course Harry and I love Ron's character. I was also devastated when Sirus died. Skyler x
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