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  1. If it's a book, it's allowed!! The Water-Method Man John Irving
  2. That's a really good idea! Have you thought of doing something in conjunction with bookcrossing? That'd be an excellent place to get the word out---just think of those two authors that gave away books----
  3. Always and Forever (forgot the group) Earth Wind and Fire?
  4. heh. It IS Christmas every day, and the kids are singing Jingle Bells over and over again. and over. again. nothing but. and the band can only play one note. B flat. I wish I had a Harley.
  5. (perhaps you've already done all this) you could put the link on the bottom of your email.... flyers at local bookstores.... contact Carl Lennertz of Booksense (he's the organizer) and ask him if he'll include information on the circulars they send out. You could probably find his email at their website.... Contact publishers and see if they'd allow a link on their websites.... go to authors' websites and email them an invitation to join (they DO answer--for example, Dan Brown and Christopher Moore both personally answer their mail)...
  6. Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole ~~Scarling
  7. I'm easy. What's that Philip Roth one about? Dan Simmons--- um I don't know how to explain him. I'm reading Darwin's Blade, which is a mystery/thriller---it's meticulously researched, and WOW does this guy have opinions about everything from the Challenger explosion to OJ Simpson. His characters are fleshed out and the dialogue's crisp and believable. I'll be grabbing up anything I see by him.
  8. 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses ~~Kathy Mattea
  9. do I understand correctly that his is #8 on the best-seller list? (just trying to figure out the code in here) I read Coben's "Tell No One", and was riveted; however, subsequent forays into his work proved to be very disappointing to me--I find him predictable and non-engaging----although his plot ideas are really interesting.
  10. I think we should poll for a book now and get it going. People can jump in along the way and it will only make the discussion livelier I suggest Crime and Punishment, since it's on my list anyway. But I'm not attached to that.... I could just as eaily read something by Dan Simmons (I'm reading Darwin's Blade right now and LOVE it) or---heck Somebody else name something?
  11. Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night ~ Conway Twitty
  12. Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey No Doubt
  13. o.O You're on Bookcrossing? What's your ID? A View to a Kill by Duran Duran
  14. Ohhhh! Is that Elvis Costello book a new one!? My fiance would FLIP over it.... *thinkin' Christmas pressie* woohoo!
  15. Get yer new name here Here is your laughter dose for the day...Follow the instructions to find your new name. > The following is an excerpt from a children's book, "Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants" by Dave Pilkey. The evil Professor forces everyone to assume new names... > >Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name: > >a = Boobie >b = hunky >c = Doodie >d = Sexy >e = creepy >f = oily >g = Izzy >h = Hairball >i = grungy >j = stinky >k = flunky >l = skanky >m = boo boo >n = Guano >o = dweeby >p = doofus >q = slimy >r = dopey >s = cheesy >t = smelly >u = dorkey >v = squashed-up >w = oprah >x = skipper >y = dreamy >z = zsa-zsa > >Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name: > >a = potty >b = toilet >c = spaghetti >d = crabby >e = donkey >f = rooster >g = monkey >h = walrus >i = tugboat >j = lobster >k = potty >l = liver >m = pickle >n = rhino >o = gizzard >p = bedpan >q = toad >r = bubble >s = armpit >t = noodle >u = birdie >v = gerbil >w = chuckle >x = tofu >y = stinker >z = gorilla > >Use the fourth letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name: > >a = schnoodle >b = bread >c = mouth >d = nose >e = tush >f = poker >g = breath >h = slimer >i = god >j = honker-doo >k = licker >l = biter >m = tushie >n = butt >o = hiney-ho >p = dancer >q = toes >r = bubbles >s = snarkerfoo >t = taster >u = sprinkles >v = kisser >w = brains >x = squirt >y = humperkinck >z = juice I am Doodie Birdie Bubbles. *giggling*
  16. Here's how it goes: the first person names a song and group. Next person takes a word from the title and names another song. (No using easy words like "the", or "of", etc!) If it's impossible to use one of the words in the previous title, use the group/singer and name another of their songss. I'll start with: Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water, by Simon & Garfunkle
  17. Reading does beat QPR tomorrow, but it's their last game. Ever. (boy, I hope those are teams. heh) I wish I had a BMW like what James Bond drove in----er. That movie.
  18. Thank you, Bill! I enjoyed this book SO much. Has anyone else read it? What did you think of it?
  19. I've devoured 5 books in the last week! (Time-Traveller's Wife Secret Life of Bees perks of being a wallflower Dogs of Babel Due Diligence) Tonight I'm starting a Jeremiah Healey book called "The Staked Goat." What are you reading right now?
  20. what a great book! it's very simple, with tiny chapters, but wow, do they pack a punch. anyone else read any Lao Tzu? What did you gain from his teachings?
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