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  1. I know abbynormal doesn't post around here very often any more, but I thought I would share this from the latest Bookcrossing Newsletter as she did start some of our more popular, long-running threads.




    So a big congratulations, Abby, on your degree and award! :arms:


    Megustaleer send me a pm about this with a congrats message, and it gave me warm fuzzies. Thank you for the recognition and congrats. I'm beaming. :)

  2. I'm about midway through this book, and I'm finding it excrutiating in some places. The writing's very good--it's just that I empathize so much with the character that it's HARD to read what she's going through. I had to set the book aside when she dragged herself to work in her pajamas and tried to wall off her cubicle with potted plants.


    It's been a long time since I encountered such a sympathetic character.


    Has anyone else read this book?

  3. Then close it by typing this:



    Now the reason I had to split this up into two posts is that, when I tried in one, my explanation became lost in the spoiler tag.


    Here is an example:


    In the end, they all die of a horrible disease.



    To read, as I'm sure you've worked out, you click on 'Show Spoiler'. To hide it again, click it again.


    It will take a while to get this message across, so if someone reveals part of a plot when they should have used the spoiler tags, feel free to let them know, in a gentle and polite manner. Or direct them to this post.





    how completely COOL!


    you rock.

  4. I wish I had spent less time at high school worrying about exams and more time cavorting with boys behind the bike sheds ;)



    You DID spend all your time cavorting with boys--that's why you now have 19 kids, the youngest of which is teething, so you are constantly covered in drool and Zwieback toast.



    I wish I had a farm with lots of acres and a full staff to keep everything up while I wrote best-selling novels.

  5. However, I hereby offer to eat my hat if I ever enjoy a sci-fi book ;)


    Ender's Game! :) *edited to clarify that this is not a vote, only a recommendation for Magwitch*




    Crime and Punishment (I suspect this may be the only way I blaze thru this book.)

    Idiot Girls' Action Adventure Club (forgot the author, but it looks hilarious)

    (mebbe too girly. sorry)

    Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett



    that's all I'll say, because my TBR pile's pretty steep, and some of them are bookrays that can't take a back seat.

  6. hmmm


    I had lunch with Jill Marie Landis at a writer's conference.


    Smoked a cig with Nora Roberts.


    Corresponded briefly with Catherine Coulter and Suzanne Forster, years ago.


    Writers at conferences are amazingly accessible.



    a friend of mine got personal phone calls from Tony Robbins about a year ago. (I was amazed--and envious. *sigh*)

  7. I'm not convinced this is right either but I would say 'je vais aller en Tunisie le 2 Juin'



    "Je vais aller a Tunisie en juin."




    je pense.



    o "pienso" en espanol


    I've lost most of my French living on the border of Mexico, but it doesn't stop me from responding in French when I'm spoken to in Spanish. My Spanish comes out mangled. I tell them, "Mi espanol es muy enfermo. Lo siento." LOL

  8. Thanks! Just to be annoying, I also want to say 'perhaps you could give me some recommendations?' i've put 'peut etre vous pouvez me donner quelques recommandations?' but i'm not sure it's right. any more help would be appreciated! :confused:


    like this:

    "Pouvez-vous me donner...."

  9. more than I realized.


    I've been registering them online at bookcrossing, and so far have about a third of them registered. (I've registered about 700+)


    I'm a bookpig, and proud of it .

    My boyfriend has about 10,000




    and about 30,000 records and CDs

    which makes him a HOG.



  10. I live in southern California 2 hours east of San Diego.


    I read everything.

    Currently I'm reading Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett,

    and Crime and Punishment.

    And something by Laurell Hamilton.

    and Writing Down the Bones.


    prolly somethin' else, too, but I can't remember.


    greetings, all :)


    Abby, your list had a book called "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore. I love this title, but have never heard of the book. Tell me more...and there are so many others that I'm kicking myself for not including that others have nominated now, too.


    here are some recent reviews, including a very brief one by me:



    if you would like to join the bookray, let me know and I'll either add you to one of the two I started, or I'll start a new bookray.

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