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  1. Megustaleer send me a pm about this with a congrats message, and it gave me warm fuzzies. Thank you for the recognition and congrats. I'm beaming.
  2. I'll tell ya what I want what I really, really want I wanna I wanna I really, really wanna zig-a-zig ahhhh Spice Girls lol there's a dearth of vocabulary to choose from, eh.
  3. I think so, too. I think yours is the one that's making me go "Graaaaak!" hehehe
  4. I donated to the cause. (wondering how many brains I've got in here. This is the third or fourth that's been munched)
  5. http://kevan.org/brain.cgi?abbynormal92243 *giggling helplessly*
  6. http://kevan.org/brain.cgi?abbynormal92243
  7. I'm about midway through this book, and I'm finding it excrutiating in some places. The writing's very good--it's just that I empathize so much with the character that it's HARD to read what she's going through. I had to set the book aside when she dragged herself to work in her pajamas and tried to wall off her cubicle with potted plants. It's been a long time since I encountered such a sympathetic character. Has anyone else read this book?
  8. this book is amazing. even the quotes on the side are inspiring! I was so relieved to discover that what my family does--triangulating--is SUPPOSED to be crazymaking. you're right, it's hard to know where exactly to niche this book. are you writing 20 minutes every day?
  9. how completely COOL! you rock.
  10. You DID spend all your time cavorting with boys--that's why you now have 19 kids, the youngest of which is teething, so you are constantly covered in drool and Zwieback toast. I wish I had a farm with lots of acres and a full staff to keep everything up while I wrote best-selling novels.
  11. Ender's Game! *edited to clarify that this is not a vote, only a recommendation for Magwitch* Suggestions: Crime and Punishment (I suspect this may be the only way I blaze thru this book.) Idiot Girls' Action Adventure Club (forgot the author, but it looks hilarious) (mebbe too girly. sorry) Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett hmm that's all I'll say, because my TBR pile's pretty steep, and some of them are bookrays that can't take a back seat.
  12. they're authors. Tony Robbins is world-wide famous for his life-changing books and seminars; Awaken the Giant Within is my personal favorite.
  13. hmmm I had lunch with Jill Marie Landis at a writer's conference. Smoked a cig with Nora Roberts. Corresponded briefly with Catherine Coulter and Suzanne Forster, years ago. Writers at conferences are amazingly accessible. a friend of mine got personal phone calls from Tony Robbins about a year ago. (I was amazed--and envious. *sigh*)
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