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    I'm an author of "racy, wildly entertaining futuristic romances
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    chess, jigsaws, sudoki, reading, writing
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  1. For a moment there, I was enthused, too. Apart from Gemma Halliday's High Heels mysteries, Dorchester Publishing has a couple of anthologies with stories which are heavily... I'm serious!... into shoes. Kind of, like taking the fairy tale of the red dancing shoes, and updating it. LOL. I was looking forward to talking with a shoe lover about These Boots Were Made For Stomping (anthology) and These Boots Were Made For Strutting. Julie Kenner, Marianne Mancusi, Lisa Cach, and Jade Lee stand out in my mind as great chick lit authors who can write a romance around a super bit of footwear
  2. Knight's Fork recently won the Amazonclicks.com Authors' Choice book of the month award. The book trailer won the New Covey Trailer Award for Most Intriguing Trailer last month.
  3. How long are your books? 90,000 words is about right for a modern contract. I've come across complaints like yours quite a bit in the authors' areas on GoodReads.com , and in other places. Is it possible that you have a boring, bloated middle to your book? It's very common for authors to lose their way. Possibly, you need to go back and identify where exactly you lost interest. Failing that, maybe you need a Beta reader, or a critique partner. I never have the time for CPs because I'd rather not reciprocate. (Grin). Luckily for me, there are people you can pay, depending on your n
  4. This is a self-serving post. I'd like people all over the world to listen to my internet radio being broadcast this weekend (April 18th and 19th) on http://www.theauthorsshow.com What's in it for you? You can sign up for an interview, which is free. Of course, it is a lure. They sell other services, but you get the interview recorded and aired free (if it's any good, I suppose). Host Don MacCauley wrote: "I have done hundreds of interviews throughout the years. Most are enjoyable, some are enlightening, a few are downright painful. Others though, stand decidedly apart from the group.
  5. Welcome, Phata! When I had a small child, I loved to read. It really helped me relax.
  6. Actually, David, that is not quite true, assuming that I've understood the problem under discussion. Here's what sometimes happens. Passionate readers, or authors themselves, may get a little bit carried away with entering tags and searches. If anyone feels that an Adams book is similar in some way to a Herbert book, they are quite free to make that suggestion using authors' names. If enough readers agree, the number of Adams-is-like-Herbert tags may reach critical mass and start to be applied for the convenience of other readers. Bots and human staff in Asia aren't always well eno
  7. It's nice to see another author. Is SP speculative? :-) Rowena Cherry
  8. Megustaleer, Thank you for your kind comment. Jacquie's short stories are not only wonderfully imaginative and fully of humour, but Jacquie donates a good portion of her royalties to neurofibromatosis research. She had a new book out now, narrated by a cogitating mule who decides to play cupid.
  9. Meegustaleer, Thank you! Knight's Fork has started out well. It was released at the end of September 2008 in the USA, and won a LASR (review site) Best Book of the Week readers' poll award; also a PNR reviewer's Top Pick for September. In October, Knight'S Fork was awarded a different PNR Reviewer's Top Pick for October, and also a PNR Staff also-mentioned on their Top Reads list. However, Knight's Fork will have to do well to match the success of Insufficient Mating Material (which is not about a man in need of "male enhancement" products.) Insufficient Mating Material pla
  10. There's Jo Beverley (historical romance). She is from Canada. best, Rowena Cherry
  11. You wouldn't also be Sassy, would you? It was your mention of the Unbound review site that jerked me out of lurk mode.... also your enjoyment of trashy sci fi on tv. If you like sci fi with sex, I could point you to a few good authors. Welcome to the forum! Rowena Cherry
  12. Steampunk is (apparently) set in the Industrial Revolution, and changes one invention, so the entire history changed. This might imply that Jules Verne's The Time Machine was steam punk. I wonder... was 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea? Was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
  13. Welcome, Jess! What period have they started you on? Best wishes, Rowena Cherry
  14. Welcome Chris, and all the other newcomers. Without wishing in any way to be disloyal to this wonderful group, I feel that I ought to mention other book-related social networking sites, which are just as easy to join (free, easy, welcoming) as this one. GoodReads.com Shelfari.com LibraryThing.com BookRabbit.com Facebook.com (london network) has links to i-read (which I think is about to change its name). GoodReads is my favourite because I am an author with a new release pending, and they have an advance reader programme giveaway, also it has lots and lots of groups for thos
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