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    I'm a primary school teacher, and have been a book worm since I learned how to read!
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    Northern Ireland
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    reading, music, football, writing, films, card making, walking the dog,
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  1. Thanks for all the lovely welcomes, and hi to all the other new members. It seems like a fascinating site, and I just wish I had more free time at the moment to get stuck in to lots of the recommended books, and to join in with plenty of discussions! In reply to a couple of questions - I do indeed enjoy "Norn Irn" fiction. Glenn Patterson is a bit of a hero of mine. I did see the tv adaptation of Eureka Street, and I thought Jake and Chuckie were bang on. Some aspects of the book - inevitably the shocking section in the middle (I won't spoil it for anyone) were not as powerful as the b
  2. Hi everyone. I'm Jo, and I live near Derry in Northern Ireland. I am a Primary School teacher (my pupils are aged 6-7, and in my 21 and a bit years of teaching, I've always taught in the 4-7 age bracket). I did my degree at the University of Edinburgh many years ago, and I studied German and English, so I have a literary background. Studying books put me off them for a while, though! My love of reading began when I was a very small child, and during my early childhood I was thoroughly captivated by Enid Blyton books. I know they're very un-PC these days, but they got me started,
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I'm off to post in the other thread now!
  4. I admit to still loving children's books. My inner child is alive and kicking, and as the teacher of small children, it helps me to motivate them to read. I do read "adult" books too - avidly, but revisiting the old friends from my past is lovely, and I see them from a whole different perspective.
  5. The Anne series was a real favourite of mine when I was growing up. My mother had the full set in hard back, and I read and reread them. In my twenties or early thirties, I managed to buy the full set in paper back. I loved them all so much. Rilla of Ingleside was a great book, and Rainbow Valley was also magical. Whether I watch the tv series, or read the book, Matthew's death ALWAYS makes me howl.
  6. The first single I got was with a record token I won in a talent contest, lol. I used it to buy "Beg, Steal or Borrow" by the New Seekers. My first album was a bit more respectable, I think. I bought the red Beatles album. Then I saved up to buy the blue one, and the Love Songs double album. It's quite rare, I think. Mine is still in good working order, but the sleeve is falling to bits!
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