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  1. I wasn't particularly keen on Dune if I'm honest but I can't quite remember why. This perhaps says it all as I read it within the last year or two!
  2. We are currently looking round secondary schools for my daughter. There are two schools up for grabs really and they are both really good schools and I wouldn't have any concerns whichever one she ended up at. However, I was wondering if there is anywhere online that we can look at the kind of jobs she'd be interested in doing in the future and seeing based on that what kind of things to study to line her up best for those as the two schools seem to have different areas in which they specialise and we could perhaps use that to decide on the best one?
  3. A Man United fan marries into a predominantly Man City family and makes a moving wedding speech http://youtu.be/6Dhcl3sIxuw
  4. To be fair this isn't his first 'blunder'. Bongo bongo land and comments about women cleaning behind the fridge etc. show exactly the kind of morons UKIP consists of.
  5. I enjoyed the book 'Under the Dome' though it did suffer from King's usual inability to give a story a worthy ending. I started to Sky plus the series but all the reviews I read we're not flattering so I didn't bother with it.
  6. Meg- are there no 'how to' videos on YouTube?
  7. Getting ready to go out for lunch with my family. It's the 1st anniversary of my dad passing away so may well be difficult!
  8. This may or may not work here but... Who is good at managing their finances and would they care to share any tips? Our monthly income is about 3k, mortgage 500 quid a month so you'd think we'd see it through until payday in reasonable health. However, we seem to go overdrawn by about 300 quid every month. We don't spend excessively, don't have massive outgoings on debts or loans etc.
  9. Getting on a train to London- upsetting really as this is after my second night of poor sleep
  10. You can get it through other methods is all I'll say
  11. There have also been a number of books fairly recently that have changed the setting and moved the to the middle and Far East. Apologies, I don't have there names to hand but I imagine a quick google would bring them to light.
  12. Locke and Key and continuing with The Mad Ship.
  13. Just watched 'Jaws' again, this time with my daughter. An absolute masterpiece
  14. Working in London. Took a walk round and the an amazing burger at Byron's.
  15. Personally though there are certain genres I'll never read though.
  16. It might be an option to run several reads concurrently? So we could have a fantasy one for those of us who read fantasy with the 'main' one also running.
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