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  1. I kept a diary until I got worried about what I had written on the page
  2. I use technology because of the simple fact that I am definatly NOT a people person...plus I can meet a lot more people over the internet than I could normally. The music is indeed on disk but that is simply due to the fact that I cannot get the band into my own room. I enjoy the thought of leather bound books...and would gladly go back into those ancient libraries and spend the rest of my life there. I'm just saying by using the internet I have been able to talk to all of these people in one place and hear all of their opinions (well read)....if i was in a room with everyone from this forum...even ifI knew everyone by association I would not be able to come up and talk to you all and have the conversations and debates we enjoy so much on here. I follw the technology but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't gladly give it all up for a simpler life in an ancient forest by the side of a great mountain.
  3. My suburb is Druids Heath...and even though Birmingham is a very Multi-cultural city...many of the people who live in my area speak English and nothing else.
  4. Yes. Fluke was a James Herbert book (my Dad's nearly got the entire collection, Hence my love of his books heehee) The Rats is very good book, quiet frightening at the fact it could really happen. I have yet to read Haunted...I didn't know that Ghosts of sleath was a sequal..Ive been reading it as a stand alone book! I do think some of his books are along the same lines...but he does usually bring in a strange twist or event.
  5. heehee...I'm not an absolute gaming person...buuut I do have a game called Crown of the North on PC...a basic battle tactics game...I like it..very calming Though my favourite games Ive played would have to be Zelda Ocarina of Time (Nitendo 64 *retro* )...aaand Pandamonium 2 on Playstation ( again retro xD) I dont mind them I like them
  6. I am surprised at how many people can speak, read and write in so many different languages!! Since I like in a suburb of Birmingham I'm not surrounded by a lot of people who speak a different language, exceptin my German lessonsat school (whichhave now finished), and watching a cartoon DVD which has the entire dialouge (and songs) translated into Finnish! (Iam really surprised at how many people have commented on this thread!)
  7. I have read Rats (which was fantastic) though I only got through half of lair due to school work getting inthe way..so by the time I'd poicked the book up again I'd forgotten half the story that I'd read before. My favourite of his is The Dark. I dont think he's surpassed that.
  8. The Silmarrillionis indeed a tough book but some of the stories in it are fantastic. I have yet to read the newbook that's been released but I am looking forward to be able to read it!
  9. Whoa that sounds great! I love the modern languages and I think Arabic is a most beautiful written language (reminds me of elvish ) But I would love to learn all the ancient languages...but I don't think I'd be able to learn Assyrian...might get done by the Vatican!
  10. Listening to a fantastic piece of music (in my opinon) while talking to someone from New Zealand (apparently it's Winter over there!!) Mind-boggling!
  11. I did French, and I am studying German at the moment for my GCSE's Irish sounds such a wonderful language I would love to learn it! And I am at this moment extreamly Jealous at the thought that you were able to learn Old English at college! The only bits I know are from old passages and songs from Lord of the Rings (film not book) I think latin would be interesting too...the way it was used in the Carmina Burana still sends shivers down my spine!
  12. I'm not too keep on my glasses, but i have learned to live with them. I have considered laser eye surgery sevral times, but I watched as a woman had it done on TV and it put me right off, they sliced part of her eye!!!! And she was awake! nuh-huh...Not happening! I'll stick with glasses!
  13. If this thread is on the wrong part I apolagise! I have always been interested in language, modern, foreign and ancient. Does anyone know any different language other than English? I've been interested in Finnish for a while now, but I also love Old English and Nordic!
  14. *stands up with flag in hand* 'Land of Hope and Glory! Mother of the Free! How shalt we extol thee? Those who are born of thee? Ahh...last night of the Proms would have never been the same if he had never written that immortal piece! *bows to Elgar*
  15. I have never come across these E-books though I have heard a lot about them. They seem very interesting and the thought of carrying twenty books in the space of one book is definatly an idea that would make you want to buy it, but I'm afriad I am a youngen who likes the old-fashioned harback, leather bound books heehee I do like reading stories over the internet, (guilty at fanfic writing!), but I prefer to sit comfortably, with any technology turned of, and just read a book in the quiet (or with some music on) Even though in my opinion I wouldn't really go for E-books, I have to admit they are an interesting invention!
  16. I had to read To Kill A Mockingbird with I very much enjoyed...except when our teacher made us read as a class I got into an embarressing situation! Miss:- "Carry on Danielle" Me :- "Erm...pardon Miss?" Miss:- "Carry on reading the paragraph." Me:- "What page Miss?" Miss:- "The class are on page 42 Danielle." Me:- "Okay..." *turns to page 42 from page 58* Me:- " What paragraph???" you can guess the rest heehee though I do remember reading a book from the Yr 5 book case when I was in Yr 3....I got very bored as a young child heehee Ahh..the joys of stories
  17. I read this book a while back and it struck me as on of the best written stories I had read since Lord of the Rings. I would recommend it to anyone! We have two main characters; Raif and Ash both who, though terrible events of their own end up having their destiny's linked and begin a dangerous journey to The Cavern of Black Ice to despel a power that Ash discovers she has; and is killing her. The story has it's jump moments, times of fear, of suspence, laughter and even a few times that make you go 'ahh'....but then sometimes afterwards go 'ewww' heehee This book is the first of the trilogy and the third book is still awaiting release! (can't wait) It's an absolute fantastic read!!! Has anyone else read it??
  18. Kiitos FirelightSpirit!! I hope I do! Dani! And kiitos to Megustaleer!! I really look forward to the discussions!!
  19. I belive it's true that the books he has written recently could very easily be made into films...it's quiet upsetting to know...but it makes me laugh to think of someone trying to get The Dark through certification if it ever was made into a film!
  20. Hahahaha! That episodes brilliant!! Lister's trying to watch the movie and Holly keeps interrupting him! It could be interesting if we could actually erase things out of our memory. The we could both experience the feeling in Lord of the rings!
  21. I'm afriad I have simple and complicated explainations to why I like Fantasy. I'll stick with the simple one heehee...too much to say on the complicated one... Simply enough...I like swords I like weapons, dragons and magic...times when the power of the Earth could conquer a commen evil! Ahhh....I am just in love with them! (must have been a past life!)
  22. I have just finished reading The Secret at Crickley Hall and I am afriad I would have to disagree. I found a deeply interesting book, simply because the types of things that those children suffered could have been true events during the War. It made it more disturbing for me due to the fact that there really could be a house down in the South that actually harbours these secrets. I thought that James Herbert did a very good book and would be one I would not regret reading again.
  23. I would have to agree and say Lord of the Rings...for that is the only I book that has nearly made me cry...I actually thought Professer Tolkein had killed off Frodo ..oh well But another would have to be Cavern of Black Ice by J. V. Jones because it was simply amazing! The clan wars and the struggle between Raif and Mace Blackhail and what Ash goes through and I could Laugh again at Uncle Angus' humour (even though I would laugh still). This book is absolutly brilliantly written and I definatly recommened it! (A book I would never erase is Eldest, the second book of Eragon...the twist that was included made me close the book and walk away...I couldn't pick it up for fifteen minutes heehee )
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