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  1. The Offspring-Pretty Fly For a White Guy
  2. I watch the horror movie Mirrors today at the cinema. Was a really good film. Gory in places but it had an incredible storyline. Enough jumps to keep you going aswell. Great film. A good watch for any horror fan
  3. JV Jones to bring out the next two books so I can know what's gonna happen to Raif! That and to read Brisinger. And the rest of the Battleaxe series, because I need a bit of reality shifting.
  4. About a week ago at college my friend Adam came up to me and asked me to learn a new song on guitar because he wanted to jam it. I said okay and proceeded to listen to and learn the song. The song was called Life Is Beautiful and was one of the most heartfelt songs I had heard in a while. I asked Adam about it and he said it was the third song off an album named the Heroin Diaries. I listened to a few of the tracks on youtube and dug out an old album from my room that he had given to me that I hadn't listened to yet. It turned out to be The Heroin Diaries. That night was the craziest night
  5. I haven't actually brought an album for a while. I think the last one I brought was Turisas-battle Metal. An album filled with folk instruments and riffs mixed with metal music and finnish, swedish and english lyrics. I must say all the albums I get hold of now i have a tendancy to "borrow" them from my mate haha!
  6. Revony


    I love musicals. Sadly I have yet to see one on stage fully but I hope I will sometime in the near future. Thanks to my nan I'm a big fan of Singing in the Rain, Showboat, Seven Brides for Seven brothers (still makes me laugh) and other from that time, you know, back in the time when people could successfully make a masterpiece in musical movie theatre. As for recent ones Chicago, moulin rouge and Sweeny Todd have definitely become three of my favorites. Chicago is just funny and the songs are fantastic, though I am starting to loathe Renee Zel-whatever. I am sorry but I can hardly stand her
  7. Damn! haha! I've got it stuck in my head too now! (I blame Armageddon )
  8. I watched the movie without even realising it was a book (though I am sure my Dad mentioned it once)and I found it very interesting, true the effects for the infected wasn't the best I'd ever seen but still an interesting story. After reading this thread I think I shall look for the book and pray that I don't find the movie adaptation version. Been a while since I read a good vampire book (the last being Anne Rice-Vittorio the Vampire).
  9. I honestly don't think I have yet to read the scariest book. Some have left me in some discomfort, or played on my mind in the night, but they have never kept me up. The most uncomfortable one would have had to have been The Rats by James H. It freaked me out and worse, my big sister came up to me a few weeks ago claiming she'd had a dream about giant black rats with long tails. (this was quite strange since she had never ever read the books) For a film I would have to agree with The Ring. After watching that movie I cannot look at a disembodied ghost in anything. The way they move ju
  10. I must declare it has been a good while since I picked up a book to read, though I have at this moment been flicking through a book to learn the Finnish language. College just tends to get in the way a lot.
  11. I made my way through the start of the House weekend today on hallmark channel. House has to be the cream of the hospital/drama crop. It has the right science, the right witty remarks and the sheer genius that is the character House, it sure makes for a fantastic watch. I love the program and am glad they've started showing it again.
  12. My song of the Year would have to be either Halo or Aesthetics of Hate by teh band Machine Head. Halo would be a candidate because it is the most epic song I have heard in the longest time. It begins quiet but explodes into heavy guitars before sliding into a heart pumping prechorus.The chorus itself is incredible, focusing on harmonies which blend perfectly with the singers voice as he cries out Halo! The solo are heart-felt and when the song breaks down for the crescendo of the song i just feel goosebumps, the when it hits they don't go fast they hit the crescendo slow before returning bac
  13. Bad Obsession-Guns N Roses Off the Use Your Illusion 1 album Damn to think i forgot how incredible these guys are!
  14. Another Children of Bodom classic heehee (i seem to be making a night of it ) Needled 24/7 this time. Fantastic harmonised solos in total Bodom style Ahh fantastic..makes me sing along everytime
  15. Apparently yeah, they seem to only have Past and Present tense it's kinda strange trying to figure out heehee at the moment I onyl know a few basic things..hopefully i'll manage to get better. Maybe
  16. Listening to my faves heehee Children of Bodom-Sixpounder a mental barrage of heavy riffs, amazing vocals and heart pounding thumps. Great music! heehee
  17. Haha...I had a song called Chillin' at the Grotto stuck in ym head on the bus home today. The only reason I can think of is because of a Christmas Concert which is coming up at college. I just find it slightly humerous when songs that I haven't heard in an age suddenly turn up in my head heehee it's so strange but i love it! Welcome to the Dynasty's Lounge, In this Lab we be creating new sounds, People gather round *bu-dum-dum-tshhhh We're Chillin' at the Grotto! haha I love it!
  18. I went to see Beowulf at the cinema. have yet to watch it in 3-D but damn I shall lol. There is no way I am missing that in my lifetime! I thought the film was brilliant! heehee The amount of blood in an animation gosh I haven't been so surprised since Watership down haha Even though the end was different to the version I read when I was younger (actually the entire story was different but oh well)..it was still an incredible film and my goodness they got Viking life down to a tee. My friend after watching it has now agreed that my building of a roundhouse somewhere in Finland is actually
  19. Lol..at the moment...enjoying some good tunes while trying (emphasis on the word 'trying') to learn Finnish haha all in all..good start to the night
  20. I am at this moment ploughing my way through A Sword from Red Ice...and I have to say I am quiet enjoying it! Gosh, JV jones still keeps me nearly hollering at the characters of the book heehee (oh for ten minutes in there to set things right haha) Great book so far
  21. Well Caveren of Black Ice is one of the first fantasty novels that I have read so I am not sure what is considered typical of the genre. But it is a delightful read even if you are not too keen on the genre.
  22. Who had an unforgettable role in the thriller 23
  23. I think I have seen those ones around Waterstones actually I have been very tempted to start reading them. It's just on a student budget there isn't much money left for books. oh well. I'll get round to it heehee
  24. I watched the first film and thought it was brilliant so I brought the first book and i have to admit it was quite incredible. My tagline on my myspace is even a quote from the book heehee I loved the storyand the characters, and I was strangly drawn to it for the simple fact it was set in Russia oh well me and my scandinavian mind eh? haha loved the film...loved the book Have yet to move onto the second one!
  25. I named my cat Raif after the character Raif Severance in Cavern of Black ICe because as a kitten he was hot tempered and always starting fights heehee
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