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  3. The Bible... On a more serious note, 'One Flew Over the Cucko's Nest'. Great movie, just haven't been able to finish the book yet.
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  7. I haven't kept a diary for a few years now, though this thread has inspired me to do so again. It is important to remember what occurs in your everyday life, for though it may appear mundane at first, it can come in quite handy, and be a good read, in the future... The last time I tried to keep a diary was on a trip to New Zealand last year, but I failed hopelessly after the fourth day. Fortunately though my memory (and family!) served me well and I ended up writing up a long, comical take on our adventures through the South and North islands.
  8. That's interesting Lucy, do you think that is because he is such a wonderful playwright? There are certainly great similarities between the Picture of Dorian Gray and the Importance of Being Ernest, the least among these being the endless conversations between the leading characters. On and on! But I love it - obviously it is greatly lacking in plot points, and it is a bit of a hard read at stages, moving very slowly at stages, particularly through his meanderings over his latest pleasures, but this is more than compensated for me through Wilde's witty dialogue, and character centred motivations. Speaking of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen what do people actually think of it critically? (sorry to go off-topic, but I'm interested in seeing it and wondering whether it is worth the time aka. should I see Oceans 13 instead?!)
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  11. Sometimes I feel there are too many plots in novels, and way too many novels with plots. Perhaps including a plot is really just a way of covering up for shallow characters and a cardboard environment... No, I'm joking, plots are essential in keeping us readers organised and thinking upon a logical path. That is very high praise indeed, and along with the temptation of not having to follow a plot, this should be a real literary treasure!
  12. This is a very interesting point and I would certainly agree that a film cannot capture the same veiled effect of a narrator in the way in which a novel can. However, I cannot agree with the following comment: My reason is this film: The Usual Suspects (Bryan Singer) I wont digress into details of this film, but if you watch the Usual Suspects you will understand why I disagree with the above quote. Singer's movie stands out in one way from just about every other film I have ever seen: his brilliant use of 'unreliable narrator' to deliver the story from beginning to end, and while doing so weaving a web of intelligent plot points, and false evidence. Fortunately, if you haven't seen this movie I haven't ruined it for you by telling you about the unreliable narrator. No, the Usual Suspects use of unreliable narrator could not have been more deceitfully achieved in film, and a great achievement it is. However, as I noted earlier, you can not surpass the descriptive freedom which flows so freely in novels, and the unreliable narrator on the page is definitely more beguiling than the one on the big screen. PS My goodness! We both had the same idea at the same moment, Slow Rain. You just posted it before me...
  13. That is what I really love about first person perspectives; the main character describing the story can (when written well) have an effect of almost complete infallibility to the reader, even though when you start to piece evidence together logically you can work out the 'unbiased' account. A great review Slow Rain, and you've encouraged me even more to get a hold of this book at first light! Minxminnie: Thanks, Toothbrush is an interesting pseudonym, isn't it
  14. That's a great word! Can you give me any further details on this novel, now that you have aroused my attention with such a creative word! Currently I'm reading 1984 (George Orwell - like I needed to type his name!). I can see why people have been telling me to read this for such a long time. I've only really just started, but already I can see the influence that this book has had on society ("BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" on the opening page). I also love how some of the governmental departments are termed paradoxically, like the 'Ministry of Love', which is responsible for ensuring loyalty to Big Brother, by using any means necessary. This is going to keep me up late tonight, as I no doubt will not be able to put it down until I finish it. I'm also very interested in reading Remains of the Day now too, and will probably pick that up and read on the weekend. Happy reading!
  15. Thanks Flingo, though it's not quite a review; I guess it's a little more like a self-indulgent reflection on Dorian's transformation from angel to demon (no, nothing to do with Dan Brown ) If you do get a chance to pick it up though, make sure you savour the first scene, as I believe that Wilde's descriptions alone are worth the price of this book (and that's just the first scene!) Now I feel like reading it again! PS I don't know about the Nursery Crimes (a novel, I presume?) but I just discovered that Dorian Gray was made into a film in 1945, and is actually a great example of black and white cinematography (you'll have to excuse me fellow BGO members when I go off on a technical tangent into film - I'm also a budding (perhaps?!) film maker. PPS Moderators: My apologies for already making an obvious mistake on these forums! My use of a 'winking' smiley icon for my post was not some sneaky, subliminal (?) marketing plan to get more people to read my post, but a mix up with which smilies to use! (perhaps this will teach me to give up my 'smiley addiction' which is causing havoc in my life... )
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