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  1. cor blimey is a variation of "(May) God blind me" duck = a general term for anyone, including a man. the others - no idea, sorry.
  2. I just finished Holes with my Year 8 class and they created a wiki <a href="http://stanleyyelnats.wikispaces.com">here</a> which was fun to do. We didn't read it as such - just snippets in class, and then they did activities on it.
  3. Feel free to have your students post comments on the pages - use the discussion tab at the top of each page. It would be great if my students could get some feedback and comments from other children reading the book - peer evaluation is great!
  4. Hi there, megustaleer. thanks for pointing this sub-forum out to me. It is a shame not more people have posted - I am doing holes with my Year 8 students at the minute and they are working really hard on a wiki which is developing nicely. It is here - please feel free to have a look. Re the movie, I did not enjoy it, but will watch it again with the class and see if it is better the second time.
  5. Nope, I did a search on Holes and found nothing which surprised me, and that is why I posted here. Thanks for the link - I have passed it on to my students and posted there myself as well. Ta.
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