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  1. The tale of a career con man falling in with a hooker for a major score. Expert crime caper also becomes the story of a man’s love for his estranged daughter. I posted this mostly to bring attention to Mr. Lange. I found the book two years ago (BookPeople, Austin Texas) and have already read it twice. I also scarfed up all his other books (except for his latest - waiting for the paperback) and they’re all great.
  2. Hillbilly noir involves a reformed getaway driver who’s pulled back in for one last caper. Novel has lots of action, fast cars, guns. This should appeal to those who like heists. The book is wildly praised by various reviewers and authors (including Lee Child, Dennis Lehane). I had problems with the writing style which involves lots of meaningless similes. Book is also poorly edited. I found several mistakes, beginning on page 1, as well as head-hopping in mid-paragraph etc. Story is good, though.
  3. Curious to know how you liked the book. I just discovered Hoffman earlier this year and have been slurping up his work quickly.
  4. Well, I’m just starting on the final season now. I think the whole series has been great. funny thing though - I’d have never pictured Titus Welliver as Harry. I still picture Clint Eastwood when reading the books…
  5. Wyatt is a professional thief, so it’s a crime series as opposed to mystery. And that’s right up my alley.
  6. Oh, Garry Disher is great. I read and reread all his Wyatt books.
  7. Edward Dee, sometimes listed as Ed Dee, only published a few books, but they’re all good esp. Fourteen Peck Slip. I feel I know the characters. And we can’t forget Lawrence Block. His A Walk Among the Tombstones also made a great film which sadly bombed.
  8. Agreed with you, chuntzy. This is one of the few Connelly novels I didn’t keep for re-reading purposes.
  9. I’m weird on that. Gunshot victims don’t bother me, but knifings crushings etc. creep me out a bit.
  10. Absolutely. Ellroy’s early books were good, before he took on the stream-of-consciousness form, yuk. I tried twice to get through White Jazz.
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