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  1. No sarcasm intended. I thought that it made the book, lou-lou.
  2. I really enjoyed District 9, too, David, for the reasons that you mention. Saw Shutter Island yesterday. Pretty good. I felt that certain scenes were pastiches of other films such as The Shining, for one. The old german doctor, (actor - Max Von Sydow), was terrific. He deserves an oscar, albeit that he only had a small role to play. Phoebus
  3. Hi Lou-Lou, I'm please that you're reading The Little Stranger. I really enjoyed it, particularly the final sentence ! Phoebus
  4. Back to work for me as well Marc. It's a hard life but I'm off to Frankfurt for a couple of days on business which should allow me to get some reading done on the 'plane Phoebus
  5. I read this a month or so ago and enjoyed it. It opened up Irish culture to me and I bought it for a friend of mine to read who also liked it. A good read but from my perspective nothing terribly outstanding. Phoebus
  6. Just got back from holiday and will be starting this in a moment. But the opening sentence is on a par with 1984: "Hale knew, before he had been in Brighton three hours , that they meant to murder him." Magnificent. Phoebus
  7. Managed to buy Highway 61 Revisited by Dylan and Fanfarlo / Reservoir today both on vinyl - and will be listening to them tonight with a large Chelsea Sidecar before setting off skiing tomorrow morning. Life is Good ! I'm getting a bit stuck on Moon Palace, though. Auster seems to be more pretentious than he is usually. Phoebus
  8. You're right, Flingo. I never read the blurb when I read a book. It nearly always tells you a lot more than you need to know. Phoebus
  9. Have a great holiday JFP. I'm looking forward to the end of the week when I'll be having my customary White Lady before setting off for a week's skiing. And tell us what the questions are Minxminnie. We're intrigued and we won't tell anyone. Honest. Megulstaleer - I'm jealous. There's nothing better than reading in front of what Dickens often desribes as a "friendly fire". Phoebus
  10. I've had this on my shelf for years. You've inspired it to be one of my next reads, Binker. Phoebus
  11. Ordered this this week end and should be getting it soon.
  12. Of course, Britain's favourite invention is the bicycle. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4513929.stm Phoebus
  13. But would any of these things have been invented (recorded music and contraceptive pills alike) had it not been through shared scientific knowledge created by the printing press?
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