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  1. I often avoid reading biographies because most are often self absorbed however ocassionally i read ones that give true insight into world most people dont realise go on books. Like a child called it where you can suddley see the world can be a dark place. I Recently picked up the book "Manic" by "Terri Cheney" And i was captured into a world which i can easily realate to this story on so many levels. The story is hard to read because its set out in her episode and not a specific guide line. Areas such as these have often been put under mental health and forgot about but time are changing and
  2. Offscot i really like the first one of this series and highly recommend but i was dissappointed with the second. Lostspook. Glad to be of service wouldn't want people cueing at the liabary would we
  3. I loved this weeks dr who. One of the best this series in my opion
  4. I didnt really like Donna at first mainly because the catherine tate show bugs me but i must say im starting to like her character now. she does get some good one liners in this series. Especially in "Dr Daughter" episode. ( also anyone see Jenny as a good charter from torchwood.) next weeks episode look well cool anybody else thinking they'd love to go to the biggest libabary in the galaxy even if there are murdering aliens about?
  5. Does anyone else remeber Pugwall now that was a great teen anst show.
  6. i actually read it this weekend. I have to say i was dissappointed with it i really enjoyed the first book, but felt somthing missing from this.
  7. Has anyone read this book yet i really liked the first one. But have only read the first chapter of this one and not finding it so fun. Is it worth reading till the end. Im probibly just over stress with a level exams at the moment to make a clear descion, or to continue or not
  8. I love the cherub series. I feel its much more reliable than series like alex rider where he always manages to avoid dieing 5 times a book. The thing i love most about this series although the kids are spys they are still kids and doing what most teenagers do. I think my fav of the series so far was the "Fall " however wasnt that impressed with "dark sun." I also miss Large. The cherubs series is one of my fav series going.
  9. I admit i watched the ch4 version and not the book yet there was something i couldnt quiet connect with this story. Girl interrupted is a fantastic book and also Cut by Patricia Maccormick but something seemed missing from this one.
  10. Honestly i was dissapointed with Half Moon Investigations. Maybe because i like artemis fowl to much but i never really found the book appealing. It seemed far to much like a bad 80's spy book for me you know the ones where you had t guess who did it and pick the path. I dont know why but thats what it reminded me of. I havent heard it on audio though maybe it makes it better.
  11. I quiet liked the story of odd (Neil gaimen). A bit to fairy taley in part but good for something quick and easy to read plus the pictures was nice
  12. Anyone read them yet? I read the cherub Darking Sun (Robert muchmore) one last night and was disappointed. Going to read the Neil gaimen one tonight
  13. I was actually dissapointed with the New Policeman. i almost forgot i like the chris d lancey spooks series as well
  14. I think 4 year old is a bit young for shakespeare however saying that young children learn easier so it probibly would halp the languae barrier. However a lot of shakespeare work has mature content and themes a child would have difficulty in understanding so i dont think its a wise idea but i can see the bases for it.
  15. I agree to this in most cases however the shakespheare retold version of taming of the sherw was great
  16. my fav ad was from years ago. It was the weetabix advert when maureen from driving school was about.(the tune was to Gloria Gaynors i will survive) Ok now go watch that car door, dont turn a right here easy your foot up of the floor aint you fail 10 time already (cant remember rest but it was fun) also used to likee the bdweiser adverts with the frog and ferret frog "look at me when im talking to you" Ferret looks 2how have you got the never to look at me" Ferret looks away Frog "never send a ferret to do a weasel job"
  17. Rick Riordan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fav fantasy writer by far. Also like William Nichlson windsinger trilogy and i know this is really sad but D J Hale pendragon series
  18. i don't know what it is about a midsummers night dream but ive tried many time to read it but never manage to understand it. oh well luckly im studing hamlet and othello for my A level course.
  19. I thought it was quite good they killed owen then i watched the episode on bbc3 i wasnt so impressed
  20. if you like the fantasy angle and young adult books have you read the william nichlson books wind singer series is fantastic.
  21. I read howls moving castle but that pretty much it. I think you would love Percy Jackson series it my fav book series of all time. Its about a boy who has adhd and dyslexia then find out hes accutlly half greek god and the adhd is his battle reflexs and dyslexia because hes supposed to be reading ancient greek
  22. indeed i was disappointed it wasnt longer but still found it highly enjoyable Percy jackson series is still my fav for encompassing mythology but this is definatly second.
  23. Has anyone else notice young adult book have recently all started to have very indepth issues latley such as cancer, self harm, eating diorders "The way i see it" And "Ten things to do before i die" high in the young adult charts i seem to be noticing more and more simular topics being raised in young adult books. Other young adult books that i know of that has simualar topics are A M vettrro "Skin" Patricia Mac Cormack "cut" "things i know about love"
  24. Yeah the ending of nine i was like omg so good. I think between 4-7 they flounderd a bit but loving the jp angle. spooks i dont think jp stalkery think "no more corn "
  25. personally i found last nights episode tediously long. Thought the trailers for next week are looking incredibly good. Anyone think the blonde guy is Jacks brother who he left so the boy revamped himseld jumped through time and introduced himself as somone else to really play with jacks mind or is it just me.
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