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  1. The press have been lauding 'Tunnels' by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams as a possible successor to the Potter phenomenom. I've just picked it up and so far so good. It's about a boy, Will, who discovers a mysterious underground world. Seems more boyish than Potter so far. Might be appealing?
  2. Dora and Nora Chance from Carter's 'Wise Children' and Lorelei in Loos' 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' Goregeous gorgeous women. I'm with you with Severus Snape too- but think Alan Rickman may have brought something to this
  3. Malcolm Pryce and Aberystwyth (?)
  4. Having thoroughly enjoyed Alias Grace, which I picked up in a charity shop recently, I next decided to read Cat's Eye as I had seen it mentioned frequently in the "favourite reads" thread. Granted, it is very well written, but I found it a deeply disturbing read- I had to finish it, but I didn't enjoy reading it. I'm not sure that I was supposed to (?) It just made me feel so depressed at the thought of my own existence, I had to go straight for one of Malcolm Pryce's Aberystwyth novels! What does this mean? I've not experienced anything like this before.
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