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  1. Just finished JPod, very enjoyable, although not my fave Coupland. Didnt have much of an emotional impact, like a lot of his other novels. Still I would recommend it, very imaginative, very funny, and classic Coupland. The idea at the end was absolute genius I must admit!! One of those great ideas you can definitely see happening in the future! just started Eleanor Rigby! peace
  2. Thanks for the welcome megustaleer & momo! I felt the need to defend it, but thats the beauty you are correct, that we can all have different views which can maybe have a small influence on others reading the posts! Off topic: Incidentally, she has recently collaborated on the 'Ballads of the Book' album - a project where Scottish writers wrote poetry and Scottish bands wrote music and composed original music to go with it. Ali Smith did a track with the Trashcan Sinatra's, a band from my home town, a couple of the members im good friends with, so im very very excited to get this album - im going to buy it tomorrow.. As well as this it features so many other brilliant Scottish poets and musicians, if your Scottish you should defo check it out, if not - im sure its worth a go, especially if you like folk music. Peace IB~)
  3. Im a massive fan of Coupland, and i almost forgot this book was out - i need to check it out! Girlfriend in a coma blew my mind, as did Hey Nostrodamus. the latter hit me more personally, ive read it numerous times - cant recommend it highly enough if you like his stuff. I remember reading Life after God - a book of short stories first of all, and vividly remember crying on the train reading it! Girlfriend.. and ..Nostrodamus also had me blubbing like a baby. Any writer who has the power to do that I always love. I agree that not all of his novels have the same effect, but look forward to reading J pod.
  4. I must check out the other threads on this, but i have to say I absolutely adored the Accidental. I just finished it last week. Struggled with Astrid's voice in chapter one, but it all fell into place once i worked out what was going on. Magnus' second chapter almost had me in tears, and it kept getting better and better. So many delightful touches with language, quirky insights into life, and novel writing with absolutely no rules - it was liberating to read. i was expecting a major twist, and even after it ended, i was left with a tiny doubt about Amber's actual existence. Ill have to read it again, but basically due to the references to Alhambra, and Granada earlier in the novel. Was it Eve who mentioned travelling to Granada, as it was Amber who mentioned it at the end. Then there was the last sentence... everything about it moved me. Particularly loved Amber's sections where she lists the iconic dramas from cinema throughout her life, and also the section on the cinema histories, relating to her conception. It was thrilling! I really cant agree with the assertion that it was badly written. I loved the way she wrote, and it was as if she was speaking to your subconscience in a way. Certainly quite esoteric, and if you like things linear and spelled out, you probably wont like this book. I prefer it if there is doubt to interpretation. My sister gave me this book as she knows i like 'weird' novels...she didnt like it, it has to be said!
  5. Agree with all the comments on Lunar Park. I loved this novel. It was hilarious, shocking, really creepy at times, and genuinely moving. I saw Brett Easton Ellis at a reading of this in Glasgow, and he was really cool and funny. got my copy signed! Im sure all the writer touring stuff was quite close to the truth, and it was bizarre to be at a book reading tour of Lunar Park. I was half hoping he would be out of his head on drink and drugs, but alas, he seemed perfectly sober! I also thought is was an excellent commentary/satire on comtemporary American society...quite sickening! Great to hear from Bateman again too! All in, a fantastic read.
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