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  1. Thanks Meg - I think I may have found a new addiction
  2. I don't re-read as a rule. As a child I did read Ludo & The Star Horse several times. Nowadays I tend to read easy crime stories if I'm in the mood for something light and "comforting". Agatha Christie for example.
  3. Every time I get the time to catch up on BGO I make a pact with myself to take the time more often to get on here and "see" my BGO friends. I vow to do so more in 2011. Had a lovely roast at my parents today where we opened our Christmas presents. We were at the In-Laws for Christmas and this is the first chance we've had to meet up since we got back. MOH is now asleep on the sofa with the cat and I'm contemplating turning the TV off to read (once I've finished catching up on here).
  4. I really like the new Virgin ad. The last 2 ads they have done (this current one and the 25th birthday ad) have the ability to make me smile. I don't know why, I can't explain it but they do. I also like the Ikea Kitchen advert but that's only because of the song behind it (You Will Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties).
  5. I have to admit to watching this last week and thought it was a load of rubbish. I found it very cheesy and couldn't grasp the whole "set in Italy but they all speak English" thing. I'm afraid I was very disappointed and I certainly won't be watching it again this evening. NOt even Rufus Sewell can change me mind
  6. I'm at this stage at the moment - here's hoping I can get over it too.
  7. Ooh sorry, I forgot to inform you that mine arrived. It did, before CHristmas sometime and I've made a mental note to make it my next read.
  8. 4. Perreira Maintains - Antonio Tabbuchi (current read) 3. Dear Fatty - Dawn French (audiobook) **** 2. The Red Breast - Jo Nesbo (current read) 1. One Day - David Nicholls ****
  9. Ooh! I will have to try him with other audiobooks - not tried Wallander yet but now I know it's him reading it I'm more tempted to.
  10. I'm currently listening to The Snowman by Jo Nesbo, read by Sean Barrett. Am enjoying it, Barrett is very good.
  11. Ha ha! I finally managed it and we are now the proud adoptees of a 10 yr old cat called Stella (not t he name I'd have chosen). She's absolutely gorgeous and even though she's only been with us for 2 months we are in love with her completely. We adopted her from a brother of a friend who wanted to get rid of her because she was jealous of their newborn baby. Still one person's loss....
  12. I bought a Billingham and had it sitting on my TBR pile for ages when MOH picked it up and devoured it. As he liked it so much I then bought all his books so I now have the entire series amongst my TBR books. I will get around to them all one day The television adaptation has been on the last few weeks and I've loved it (made even better by the fact that David Morrissey was playing Thorne). I hope I haven't ruined it by watching it.
  13. Still feeling slightly jaded after a fun night out last night. Free champagne always makes for a bad head Waiting for our Indian takeaway to arrive, hopefully just before Strictly Come Dancing starts. A nigh on perfect night in for me!
  14. I have the last episode recorded and need to find teh time to watch it. WHat a great series - Shane Meadows we salute you!
  15. I have to agree - I watched the first episode and recorded the second as I was out that evening. I've just deleted it without watching it as I didn't want to go through the pain of watching wooden Tompkinson badly acting DCI Banks!
  16. I have finally got through all the stories. I have to admit that it was tough and I think I only picked the book up each time as I knew I was reading it for BGO. Whilst it wasn't a bad book at all it just didn't have that little something which makes me want to pick a book up and continue reading it. I have passed it onto my dad though as I think he would enjoy it.
  17. It's been a while since you posted this BB but I'm only just catching up. I have the same problem and would wake Mr Radders too if I turned on my bedside light. Last birthday I got a reading light that clips onto the cover of your book. I can't do without it now, I love it. They're not too expensive and the batteries last quite a while. A Godsend for an insomniac like me!
  18. Loving Kara & Artem, think they are my favourites so far. I can see them doing well - they have the chemistry. But I do hope they don't all keep going on about whether they're going to get together or not. Can't they just enjoy the dancing. Pamela is a pleasant surprise but I can't stand James Jordan so am in two minds. As for Paul Daniels & Ann Widdecombe.....
  19. I agree with you 100% Nellie. It's certainly not just you. I was only thinking, when reading in my local library on Saturday, how relaxing I find being there. The same with book shops.
  20. Oh and me.....thank goodness I'm in good company!
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