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  1. I've just discovered Mick Herron who seems to have breathed new life into the spy genre. He has invented a believable closed world "Slough House" and a cast of recurring characters, which whilst reminiscent of Le CarreĀ“s Circus, are distinctively contemporary. That in turn reminded me of Charles Cummings, and how he managed to rescue the genre from the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Any other lovers of the genre out there ?
  2. Thread resurrection, ten years later. I can recommend anything by Jens Lapidus. Lapidus is or was a barrister in Stockholm practicing criminal law. Not so much whodunnits but a "scandinavian noir". Available in english. In the original, he uses a lot of slang, so I don't know how that will translate. Several books have been turned into movies.The all rattle along at a good pace, excellent characterisation and a compelling portraits of Stockholm life today.
  3. Hi all New member here.I'm taking advantage of lockdown and corona misery to revisit an old and ferocious reading habit. Looking forward to keeping up with other readers and lovers of fiction. Just finished William Boyd's Trio. Top marks for easy read...
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