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  1. 5 The Stand - Stephen King 4 The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation: Vol. I - The Pox Party - M T Anderson ***** 3 Wall and Piece - Banksy ***** 2 Larklight - Philip Reeve **** 1 War Stories - Jeremy Bowen *****
  2. Never drive around a roundabout on a hot summery day with both your door windows wide open (for the cooling comfort of passenger and self) when you have put your shiny new, designer frame reading glasses on the dash board. If you do do the above. Then never pull up further down the road to see if you can rescue glasses. You can't, it is too dangerous - no matter what the cost of said glasses - and they are squished. Never, ever justify a the cost of a pair of designer framed glasses to yourself. Buy cheap reading glasses and lots of lovely new books instead .
  3. One rescued lurcher called Scout: She loves snow, and her fave toy.... Thank you for the instructions on how to upload images Harriet! Scout's poop is always scooped! I also pick up other poop if I see it left in a public place, disgusting to not clean up after your dog. Does anyone know of alternatives to the plastic bags?
  4. I have a yellow and white striped fluffy jumper - loose knit, freyed cuffs, very 1976 punky look, that I bought from an Oxfam shop when I was 16 for 15p (I will be 43 in December)!!!! I still wear it on frosty mornings when I am dog walking, and when I visit my long suffering mum (she has learned over the years to remain silent about it - but I can see her glowering at it when she thinks I am not looking, poor mum). I probably did look cool in it 27 years ago though I am sure the jury in a Fashion Crime Court would not need to deliberate for very long before they made a decision on it now though. I recently went in search of a lovely outfit for a friend's wedding and did find one (and some yummy shoes ) but after I tried one 70s style dress I was horrified to see that I looked like Yootha Joyce's Mildred 'on the pull'. It's like the moment you realise you are no longer The Graduate's age, but Mrs Robinson's! With all due respect to the fabulous Yootha Joyce and the beautiful Anne Bancroft!
  5. As I sat in the sun by the sea I wish life was this free and easy No more cares in the world
  6. Germoline - the old smell, I think they have changed the formula now. As someone who hasn't eaten meat for years and years I am still driven mad by (and haunted by) the smell of a bacon buttie! I do eat fish though so can thoroughly enjoy day trips to Craster in Northumberland on my yearly jaunts up there, where the smell of smoking kippers is wonderful! I always fill up the cold box!
  7. I have got about 100 pages into my Trollope novel and quite enjoying it. My husband got his book about three weeks ago, then received another copy through the post yesterday!
  8. I have always wanted to be like Doris Day! I'm not! Definitely! My other all-time hero is Spike Milligan. When I was a kid my dad first got me to listen to The Goons, then later I loved all the 'Q' stuff and then I read and loved all his war memoirs. I still miss Spike!
  9. LesleyMP

    Spider Season

    That and the fact that his mum was standing next to me! My inaction was caused entirely by being frozen with fear! I did fleetingly consider throwing myself into next doors garden though! Is it just our imagination though (as spider haters) or are spiders getting bigger? My husband had to get me out of a room a couple of weeks ago to 'remove' a spider that was so big it actually made a pattering sound as it ran. We thought initially that the cat had brought a mouse / rat in!! The Husband is the kind of guy who will take them outside in a glass - not always to the garden though because they do come straight back in I am convinced - I actually have made him carry them to the top of the road (and watched to make sure he hasn't conned me) before now . However he had to engage this particular beast in one-on-one combat, with rolled up paper (and probably a dining chair) and the beast was (eventually) sent to webby heaven.
  10. LesleyMP

    Spider Season

    I couldn't agree more and had to put myself to the test yesterday when my friend's little boy brought the worlds biggest spider to show me! Well, it might not have been the worlds biggest but it definitely had eyelashes and some kind of quiff going on. I could barely speak I was so scared but I managed to tell the little boy (who was very happy with his find - bless him) how lovely the spider was and that it would be happier in the garden. Oh the memory is making me shudder. Wasps I am ruthless with and will swat happily. I have no fear of them at all even though I once sat on a nest as a child when playing hide and seek! I can remember running home at high speed with the damn things swarming around me and stinging every bit of bare flesh! My elderly neighbour, who was looking after me while my mother was out (and not doing too good a job I suppose) covered every sting with 'Dolly Blue' (the stuff that people put into washes a million years ago to give their whites that bluey-whiteness). It must have worked as I can remember greeting my mum quite happily, painted like Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart' and mum being speechless!
  11. I am glad that you seemed to enjoy this book too Grammath. I can appreciate your comments about the narration by Death, a couple of people I have discussed the book with have made similar comments to me. I really liked the idea and enjoyed some of Death's little asides. (There's a sentence I never thought I'd use).
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