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  1. what is everyone doing?

    Busy day and a bit of gardening for me. Yesterday evening I strimmed my overgrown plot (grass and weeds) prior to burning it back and planting a wild flower mix. Then planted my pots up with Dahlias. Then (once everyone had got their washing in, I burnt some stuff. I had a good couple of hours burning some old timber and some hedging that was too big for recycling. I see the attraction of pyromania. Then today we planted up two borders and some pots. Now I think a relaxing bath is in order. Shame I haven't got any Radox, my back is killing me.
  2. The City and The City (TV adaptation)

    I ended up watching all four episodes one evening last week. Very good, I thought.
  3. Free to read Websites - good or bad?

    I've used Project Gutenberg a lot. It's a great resource for out of copyright material. I've also used https://www.dailylit.com to get an email each day with a couple of pages of a book (I think you can choose the size).
  4. I've just re-read this. It's good but I no longer think it is as brilliant as I once did.. However, It shows that Banks was getting comforatable enough with the genre to use it to make a few points. Like the fuler of a world who sits on a magnificent porcelain throne. Or this: " 'I strongly suspect the things people believe in are usually just what they instinctively feel is right; the excuses, the justifications, the things you're supposed to argue about come later. They're the least important part of the belief. That's why you can destory them, win an argument, prove the other person wrong, and still they believe what they did in the first place.' ... 'You've attacked the wrong thing.' " Or this: " '...there has seldom if ever been a shortage of eager young males prepared to kill and die to preserve the security, comfort and prejudices of their elders...' "
  5. Are audio books the same as reading print?

    The app works well on Android and IOS. And the files (.aa) play well on ipods and other mp3 players (Sansa clip, for example)
  6. No. I’m just going to start Tomorrow, When the War Began.
  7. The City and The City (TV adaptation)

    I’m halfway through episode 1. So far I like it. I’ve not read the book through, so can’t compare.
  8. Are audio books the same as reading print?

    That’s a good article which explores some of the pros and cons. I think this highlights that the perception of audiobooks is changing. But experiencing audiobooks changes opinions.
  9. Are audio books the same as reading print?

    I was a member a few years ago. I paid about £8 per month for two books. Technically I am still a member, but without an active subscription. So all of my books are still available to listen to again. It’s a part of the Amazon family now. Nowadays I get my audiobooks from the library. Our library uses the rb digital service for books, graphic novels and audiobooks.
  10. A to Z Game

    Lima, so I could see some Llamas.
  11. Are audio books the same as reading print?

    I like this. And I agree. But... one of the genres that I particularly use audio for is travel writing. I find that hearing the narrator works for me for these books. Then again, I remember very little of anything. But that's OK because I read today that people with poor memories are intelligent (I'm going to remember that).
  12. quoting from another post

    Hi Tay. You explained it OK. Not sure what they problem is... because I can quote on this post and I can quote on Viccie's post. Have you tried a different browser?
  13. Is This Possible ?

    After extensive experimentation I have concluded that I don't get IT. On a Mac I get: Vivaldi m/dd/yyyy Chrome dd/mm/yyyy Safari I get dd/mm/yyyy On a Windows 10 PC I get: Vivaldi m/dd/yyyy Chrome dd/mm/yyyy Edge dd/mm/yyyy IE dd/mm/yyyy. Firefox dd/mm/yyyy Opera m/dd/yyyy. On iPhone I get: Safari dd/mm/yyyy Chrome dd/mm/yyyy
  14. Narrator or First Person?

    But even with third party we get to hear what the character is thinking because the author describes those thoughts.
  15. Narrator or First Person?

    Yes, true. I'm not a fan...