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  1. A few I watched online recently - Frozen - I couldn't watch it all as it was too horrible. Don't mind unreal scary stuff but this was too could happen where two lads and a girl are stranded on a ski chairlift over night. The Last Exorcism - this was easier to watch and not very scary. The use of camcorder has lost its edge and doesn't draw you in as it may have done in the past. The Last Seven - In a 24hrs Later type empty London, seven people find each other and try to work out who they are and what the connection is. Danny Dyer is mercifully in it for only a small amount of screen time
  2. 8. Palo Alto, James Franco 30/01/11 *** 7. One Thousand and One Ghosts, Alexandre Dumas 28/01/11 *** 6. Grandville Mon Amour, Bryan Talbot 25/01/11 *** 5. My Cousin Rachel, Daphne Du Maurier 25/01/11 ***** 4. Carol, Patricia Highsmith 18/01/11 *** 3. Frenchman's Creek, Daphne Du Maurier 12/01/11 *** 2. Carry Me Down, M.J. Hyland 09/01/11 **** 1. Rebecca, Daphne Du Maurier 03/01/11 ****
  3. Yes - this one has controversially demolished the Victorian guesthouse and is building down to Best Lane. http://www.futurebeaney.com shows the plans.
  4. The Beaney's where I'm based Barblue! Except we are closed at the moment having an extension built... have worked there on and off for 22 years
  5. You'll find that the majority of staff that work on counters in libraries these days are not librarians and a knowledge of books is not a requirement of the library assistant role. They are very customer friendly and enthusiastic, however, and all enjoy working with books and promoting reading. Sadly there are very few qualified librarians left in public libraries. I work as a librarian in prob the county with the most amount of libraries (100 at the moment) and there are probably around 25 librarians.
  6. Player One involves four characters - Rick, Luke, Karen and Rachel. They are in an airport cocktail lounge when society implodes due to oil reserves running dry. Contact is lost with the outside world as technology fails and explosions, followed by chemical air pollution, and a sniper on the roof, keep them inside. The set up and format is quite similar to other Coupland stories - Generation X and Girl in a Coma, whereby we get the different characters' viewpoints and stories in their own little chapters, revolving around an apocalyptic situation. But the plot is always incidental to
  7. I recently read the Robert Harris book and then saw the film as well, Binker. I thought the book was clever with the ending The film dealt with the ending quite successfully (although I can't imagine all those people passing a note to the ex-Prime Minister's wife without anyone looking at its content). The other thing that surprised me, but maybe this was me not reading the book too clearly, was when the setting was Martha's Vineyard I imagined a sprawling New England style wooden boarded property rather than a grey concrete modern build.
  8. Read the book A Single Man, Binker - it adds an extra dimension and you won't regret it!
  9. Just finished this in time for the BBC4 adaptation by Mark Gatiss on 19th Oct. I wish I had read the introduction first, as the pointers about satire and critique on imperialism, capitalism and socialism sort of passed me by at first read. It also took me a while to grasp the unexpected angle that the narrator was not a hero, as you would expect, but a poor specimen of humanity only interested in self-profit and prone to violence. The description of the sun awakening the vegetation on the moon surface and the existential soul searching of Bedford whilst travelling back to Earth were the high
  10. Tay - Scott Pilgrim says I'm in lesbians with you to the girl of his dreams and after she's gone he realises he said lesbians instead of love. It refers to a previous bit where his gay flatmate says its time to break out the L word. You need to see it really.
  11. Scott Pilgrim vs the World is the funniest film this year so far and I loved the music too. It has some cool stylised action sequences and tons of memorable lines.. eg. You knocked the highlights out of her hair! I'm in lesbians with it.
  12. Am reading The Killer Inside Me before I watch it, and I now don't think I want to see it! I felt ill reading some of the callous treatment Lou Ford doles out to the women in the book. What I did watch and thoroughly enjoy was Triangle - a sort of Donnie Darko thriller with timey-wimey cleverness.
  13. I'm not really sure what to make of it. I am not convinced of the after life scenario as a lot of the characters weren't dead in the other thread. If it was timeless why were they welcoming Jack as if he was the newest to arrive? It could be that as the reviewer suggests they all died on the plane - that would explain why Ben stayed outside (he was the only one not on the plane). I think I'll just go with the writers giving you the choice between a happy ending and a sad ending. I must say I prefered Ashes to Ashes in its conclusions. At least with that one the writers knew what they were ai
  14. I can't remember who flagged up the Doctor in the Flesh and Stone episode as being from the future (due to him having his jacket on and then not having it on) but I'm certain there is something in it now that Amy and Rory appeared on the hillside waving. It wouldn't be dropped in there for the reason they explained - just saying hello to their past selves - and then leaving them on the hill. Are we going to get loads of flashes to the other perspectives at the last episode?
  15. I enjoyed Solar but as others have commented, it wasn't one of McEwan's best. It felt like his campus novel of sorts - a Lucky Jim for the 21st Century. He still manages to get in his unexpected shocks, but with humour attached they seem cartoon and not horrific, eg. the frozen penis.. The global warming junket was a great piece of situation comedy. My interest did begin to tail off towards the end, however, with my main reason for sticking with it wanting to know how he would escape all the problems he had created.
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