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  1. My other and I really fancy having a go at making sushi. Are we foolish? Does anyone have any recommendation of any good books that might help us with this foolish foray into a messy kitchen?
  2. Had anyone else discovered Lemn Sissay? I saw him live years ago at a 'Poems & Pints' event. He was brilliant. I really find his stuff really accessible. Not too wordy at all.
  3. Try The Beach House by James Patterson and Peter De Jonge. Not sure what JP did on this one other than lend his name. Not seen anything else by Peter De Jonge, but this one was good enough for me to keep hold of. Otherwise I only end up reading JP when there's nowt else about.
  4. sorry, rubbish puter....lagtastic...
  5. Gosh, reading these took me right back to the classroom. I too had different teacher experiences - one bad, then one good. My grades definitely showed the difference! The good one was the one that noticed my love of reading and encouraged it, although he too was quite scary to kids not in his class. My school was quite old and there was a cupboard at the back of the classroom crammed with books from previous generations. I discovered the Diary of a Nobody and loved it so much, I found the sequel and wrote an assignment on them. I only just remembered about that book by being taken down memory lane by you lot
  6. My first forum Was sent here by my one of my friends that I enjoy discussing books with. Not sure I read enough stuff that's particularly worth discussing as I read to relax more than anything. I like non-fiction as much as fiction I guess, although a good story is my favourite way to escape the world. On the non-fiction side, then books on language are my favourite shelf-fillers. For fiction, I stick to crime thrillers, intertwined with some relaxing chick lit for a break from post-mortem reports.
  7. I was surprised not to see Jeffery Deaver on here already. He is really good. If you have ever watched the film of 'The Bone Collector', put that out of your mind, and read some of his stuff. If you find that you are often able to guess whodunnit before the end of the book, then Deaver's for you! He'll keep you guessing in the good ole traditional ways of rhetoric. Saying that, there are two which are suspect - one is The Blue Nowhere, the other is Garden of Beasts. Go for The Bone Collector (if you've not seen the film), the Coffin Dancer and Praying for Sleep.
  8. I couldn't watch it on TV as John Hannah was soooo not what Rebus was in my head. I had him looking closer to John Thaw! I recommend his earlier stuff, and stay away from the short stories.
  9. The plot is terrible, tis true....I think it was just a vehicle to get the rest of the info out into the public - and I think successfully too. I would never normally pick up a book on the supposed climate change, but I did read this book and was pleased because now I know how ignorant I was! I think more people should read this - but just ignore the 'story' element to it.
  10. I really like Peter Robinson as a good British author and Ian Rankin is brilliant. I prefer British stuff cos it's familiar and feels more gritty. US crime authors always seem so intent on telling us exactly what they ate in the local seafood 'joint'. I find British stuff more gritty and less glamorous, but that's maybe cos it's on home turf.
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