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  1. Hello everyone, or should I say hello again. A returning Bookgrouponliner, I have not been around for quite a while. Is good to see so many of the old names are still around. Hoping to read and contribute a little more over the next few months x
  2. Saw Kenny Rogers last night - wow, what a performer! Still a crowd pleaser at the ripe old age of 72! Tomorrow going to see Blondie. Really looking forward to it.
  3. Me too! Thought he was great paired with Corden. Amy Pond is annoying.
  4. Thought it was a fantastic piece of 'period' drama! Took me right back to the days when I used to read my sister's copy of The Face and gaze in awe and wonder at those elusive, 'beautiful' people who frequented that poseur's paradise... A well chosen and talented cast, spot on music choices, a real journey back to my past. Another triumph for the bbc
  5. To me its an indicator of the fact that in this country we work ridiculously long hours. The polls should remain open later to reflect this.(or we should work less!) . Its an absolute disgrace that people have been unable to vote. Only last year worries about political apathy and poor turnout to local elections was big news. Now when people are finally taking an interest in politics they cannot express their opinion. Many people were in queues for an hour and a half or more. Normally you are in and out in minutes. To say they should have got there earlier is flippant and dismissive.
  6. My thoughts exactly when I walked in and saw an 11pm finish!! I'm not very good at going out on week nights. The support act reminded me of Tracey Thorn (before Everything but the Girl)
  7. I was there last night also!! Never been a big fan of hers, but hubby is. Wasn't enthralled by some of the rocky numbers, but her rendition of 'The weakness in me' blew me away and made the evening. What did you think of the support act? Am going to see Kenny Rogers in June, followed by Blondie two nights later.
  8. Not sure how great it is in terms of value added and league tables but we certainly are working hard to move the school on, as are all other schools that I know in the area I teach. The LA encourages close collaboration between the secondary schools, so I know that this kind of good practise is going on - maybe at some point the government (whichever it may be) will stop hammering English schools and let them get on and do. Of course it doesn't apply to all schools, just as even good or outstanding schools have poor teachers. Indeed, dare I say it, even private sector schools...
  9. David I think you will find that the new style inspections are just that. Inspectors give just two or three days notice and spend most of their time around school, getting into classrooms etc. The only document they are really interested in is the SEF and whether what they are seeing is reflected in it. The schedule is three yearly, but there is always a monitoring visit between 12 -18months after an inspection, and sometimes an extra subject inspection thrown in, so schools rarely go more than 18 months without HMI knocking on the door - a big change from the five yearly turnaround of y
  10. ...the leader of the pack (vroom, vroom)....
  11. In episode one they said she had joined the navy/army or something. She was in an episode of Waterloo Rd, so maybe she has left.
  12. Its the silliness that makes it good, or should I say the 'surrealness'. The juxtaposition of Frank's high quality use of language and vocabulary jar beautifully with his social circumstances. Its good to see some quality mancunians back on the box!
  13. Back at last - Make poverty History; cheaper drugs now! The true people's poet, Frank Gallagher Anyone else hooked on this?
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