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  1. I liked the link of "cumulus of exhalations" with "a poem-cloud" - thought that humorous in a sort of self-deprecating way. I get a feeling of looking down on a beech tree that is giving off oxygen and on a person sitting under a overhanging roof giving off a poem.
  2. Dont cry for me Argentina - various (only cos I can't remember her name - Elaine?)
  3. You are in hawaii but you are still wearing your sheepskin, cashmere jumper, corduroy trousers and skiboots! I wish I could write a best seller and become famous
  4. They last for a month and you put on one stone in weight, become an alcoholic, break the TV, DVD and CD players and quarrel with all your friends and family. I write a bestseller and become famous
  5. I'm the opposite, I love sci-fi but am not keen on fantasy. Although having said that I like the Lord of the Rings (apart from the ballads). To me sci-fi could be true, there could be a sci-fi land somewhere, things could happen in the future or in some alternative world but fantasy is too make-believe, like fairy tales and that turns me off.
  6. Hard water by Jean Sprackland (this is a book of poems. is it allowed?)
  7. Theres a hole in my bucket - Harry Belafonte (God I do show my age!)
  8. I haven't read this one by King but I've read The Tommyknockers and Pet Semetary and they've both stayed with me because apart from the horror, King has a good theme. In Tommyknockers is was about the use of technology - we use it but we don't know how it works so we don't know what harm we may be doing. In Pet Semetary it was "even if we could, should we bring the dead back to life?" What was The Shining about? I hate horror, it frightens me and I can't shake it off.
  9. I bought the trilogy in an Oxfam shop but try as I might I just can't get into them. I just don't relate to the little girl. I keep trying but I find them boring.
  10. It was reviewed in today "Times" - not very encouraging.
  11. Walking Back to Happiness - Helen Shapiro
  12. You'll get one for Xmas - it will come from Hamley's the toy shop. I wish I could meet a nice friendly helpful alien from outer space.
  13. I too love Pratchett's humour. My introduction was "Weird Sisters". I love the beginning - a take on the opening scene of Macbeth. Cue: Thunder, lightning, witches round a cauldron, "When shall we three meet again?". "Well I can do next Tuesday" comes the reply. So, I like the Witch books. However, I find the humour pushes you back a bit from getting too involved. I feel a bit detached, so I cant read one after the other, I have to have a rest in between.
  14. I discovered Billy Collins, he was the Poet Laureat for 2001-02 and shortlisted for the TS Eliot prize last year.
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