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  1. A Son of War by Melvyn Bragg
  2. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch and Cal by Bernard MacLaverty, also a German novel by Ralph Giordano, Deutschlandreise
  3. If you are not satisfied with your present quality of literature, it's certainly time to move on. That's what happened to me. When I first read English novels, they were children's literature and then "easy reading" (beach read/chick lit, whatever you want to call it). I have not been happy with that kind of literature for a long time and have ventured into many different types. I love classics, for instance, and it has helped me a lot with my English.
  4. Happy Anniversary, Meg. It will be our 30th this August.
  5. I don’t want to miss a thing - AeroSmith
  6. I had a wonderful surprise the other day, a friend who had moved away three years ago was in the are and ddecided to see whether I was at home. I was sooo happy to see her again.
  7. You always learn any grammar better when you learn a different country. Of course, some of us need to learn more grammar with our own language than others.
  8. They all sound interesting, Meg. I have read The Prince of Mist and really loved it. But I love all books by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
  9. Three Men on the Bummel - Jerome K. Jerome
  10. Yes, if you see it that way. Of course, you can only use "it=es" when you use it for a neutral noun.
  11. What a wonderful idea, Grammath, how special. Well done, Lady L. momac, wishing you a good and speedy recovery.
  12. I might be the only one here who didn't like the book. It was boring, seemed superficial and had a big touch of "beach read/chick lit". Not my type of novel.
  13. This sounds like a book they would turn into a movie but not really my genre, either.
  14. Mine still worked when the site was down. It's still the same.
  15. A Town Like Alice - Nevil Shute
  16. The Hour I First Believed - Wally Lamb
  17. You can have "it" in German, it's "es". However, they translator might have thought "er" sounds more dangerous.
  18. Of course, that includes me.
  19. I can't imagine anyone who is on this page frequently and would NOT buy books even though their TBR pile is high enough for the rest of their lives.
  20. We have to read dystopian novels almost like a classic, considering the time it was written, the fears people had adn then compare them with the present, did any of the predictions come true? The closer the novel comes to our real world, the better we probably imagine the author was. That is not necessarily true since they are not fortune tellers, they just describe what people are afraid of at the time.
  21. I agree, tagesmann. Some books we can only read for pleasure and there is not much to talk about. Others might seem tedious or hard to read but they generate the best discussions. I usually prefer the latter because it makes you enjoy a book even more. We all have read a book for a discussion we didn't much ilke but were happy to have read in the end. In all my book club years there are only a few I wouldn't have read if I'd known in advance how horrible they would be.
  22. Just as Carlos Ruiz Zafón's other books, "Marina" grips you from the first page. It starts with the end, as the author reveals but it is exciting all the way. This is even darker than any of his other novels.This book was written before "The Shadow of the Wind" and only become famous after that big one was such a huge success. Again, Barcelona plays a major role and one gets the idea that it is full of secret and forbidden streets and alleyways that everyone would like to explore. Óscar and Marina, the protagonists of this story, come across a mysterious character, someone who should have been dead a long time ago. Ruiz Zafón is faithful to his storytelling and doesn't disappoint anyone who has read his later books. Shows how you have to be on all the shelves before you are read. It is a horror story as well as a love story, actually, two love stories, one in the past, the other one in the presence, both beautiful and "forever". In any case, if you want a short book (only 350 pages) with an exciting story, this is your literature. It's gripping and just brilliant. One of those "unputdownables". I love Carlos Ruiz Zafón's novels and would like to learn Spanish well enough just to be able to read them.
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