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    Football, especially Arsenal F.C. Patisseries. Proof reading. Cooking. And reading of course. Nearly forgot about Words with Friends online.
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  1. Song Chain

    Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Neil Yoing
  2. Book Chain

    Strangers ON a Train - Patricia Highsmith
  3. what is everyone doing?

    Binker, I will read the book you mention (The Architect's Apprentice) as I too am off to Istanbul but not until June.. Hugely looking forward.
  4. Determined to get out more we went to see The Favourite, then Stan and Ollie, and lastly Mary Queen of Scots. The latter was disappointing.
  5. Rest in Peace

    I never saw Albert Finney on stage but from 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning' onwards I always looked out for a movie that he appeard in. It was the only time i was trendy, making a beeline for the early 60s new wave cinema.
  6. Currently Reading

    I have just started Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett.
  7. Song Chain

    Queen of My Heart - Westlife
  8. Scrublands

    On my tablet and am, like Binker, engrossed in it..
  9. Book Lists 2019

    The Seven Deaths of EvelynHardcastle: Stuart Turton - unfinished One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem:Neil Tennant (N. F. ) Scrublands: Chris Hammer
  10. Complexity not a problem in itself but allied to a boring narrative is a no-go fotr me. Now where's that Kafka......
  11. I couldn't finish this. I was bored witless. Sorry Viccie!
  12. Song Chain

    What Kind of Fool Am I - Anthony Newley
  13. Book Chain

    War and Peace - Tolstoy
  14. A few chapters in and I keep muttering 'this is weird'. I read at the weekend that it's in for a first novel award.
  15. Currently Reading

    I am three chapters into 'The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle' by Stuart Turton.' '