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  1. Death on the Nile - Agatha Christie
  2. It appears that our reservations above were shared by the Booker Prize judges as it didn't get to the shortlist.
  3. Prince of Darkness - Shame White
  4. The novel is set in the years just before, during and after Brexit. Some of the characters were in the author's earlier novel 'The Rotters Club'. I thought the characterisation was good (and I particularly liked that of Benjamin, the 50 something classical music lover.) National identity - let's say a crisis of it - comes over in a non-hectoring way and didn't' subsume my interest in the various characters.
  5. Away from the crowds (you wish)
  6. His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
  7. I was delighted to read today that Maggie O'Farrell has won the Women's prize for fiction.
  8. My Own Story - Emmeline Pankhurst
  9. Zeroizing the stats Next: Travel, the highs and the lows
  10. This.is the latest of three books in the small Jack McEvoy series. McCoy works for a small L.A. company reporting on abuse of consumer rights and other types of malfeasance. Reading the unusual details of a woman's death leads McEvoy to reports of similar unusual deaths and what these women in other areas of the U.S. had in common: mail order DNA testing. I found the book rather stodgy. Unlike his Harry Bosch /LAPD books I found I was forcing myself to read on. And so many L.A. roads, boulevards, avenues etc are name-checked that in the unlikely event I should drive there I shouldn't need a map. .
  11. I will link to the post of brightphoebus as Madeleine's doesn't and so Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens
  12. They Came To Baghdad - Agatha Christie
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