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  1. From Russia With Love - Ian Fleming
  2. Bought Deborah Levy's novel The Cost of Living after listening to A Good Read on Radio 4.
  3. For me it was The Story of Art by E.H. Gombrich. It was many years ago and well before I took an art module with the O.U. The professor's language was straightforward and the colour plates so well chosen. It just kept drawing me in.
  4. This is the first of Griffiths's Stephens and Mephisto mysteries and is set in 1950s Brighton. I liked it. The period is conveyed well and DI Edgar Stephens is a well drawn thoughtful character. I now have the next one in the series.
  5. Just watched the last episode of the Sky Atantic dramatization which was brilliantly done.
  6. What a bad time for you Meg . Very sorry.. Had to smile though at the diverting seamy tales you were treated to.
  7. My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante
  8. Also a big Steinbeck fan so will track this novella down.
  9. Enjoy being a homeowner iff.
  10. Yes luna I had read the first one but forgot to get the second. To be remedied.
  11. I thought this an excellent historical crime novel set in the London of the 1660s. A murder has occurred in the palatial house of one of the highest courtiers in the land. The main suspect is a woman wnho had previously been raped by the deceased. It is a very tangled web for James Marwood to unravel. I particularly liked the way all levels of society were dealt with in a city in the very early stages of recovery from the Great Fire and the rifts from Ctomwellian times.
  12. The term "a full English' has another resonance today. Congrats to the four Premiership clubs who have succeeded in appearing in the European finals, not forgetting 'my' Arsenal.
  13. The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox - Maggie O"Farrell
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