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  1. Legacy: Thomas Harding (non-fiction)
  2. I am so pleased that leyla gave this novel a thumbs up. I hadn't heard of it but luckily my local library had it in their reserve stock. Rose Tremain is such a versatile writer. This book (Sacred Country) really engaged me.
  3. Hooked on the new series of The Crown. The casting is superb and not just Olivia Colman. Seen six episodes already.
  4. I have just borrowed Sacred Country by Rose Tremain.
  5. I have just finished and thoroughly enjoyed this book but now having searched for a thread on it am disconcerted to see from this thread that I read it back in 2009!
  6. Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons
  7. As the back cover states on my recently acquired paperback edition, it is the 'definitive biography of the Tudor statesman'. What times he lived through and influenced. And what an administrator. The research and detail by MacCulloch is wide-ranging with the only downside for me being such a preponderance of ecclestiastical history. Some more details about Thomas's home life and those he employed there would have been interesting.
  8. From Russia With Love - Ian Fleming
  9. Bought Deborah Levy's novel The Cost of Living after listening to A Good Read on Radio 4. P.S. I hadn't realised that this wasn't a novel but the author's narrative of the time at age 50 when her marriage broke up and she and her two daughters moved to a flat in north London. Despite the facilities of the prose I felt I had wasted £7.50 downloading a very short book.
  10. For me it was The Story of Art by E.H. Gombrich. It was many years ago and well before I took an art module with the O.U. The professor's language was straightforward and the colour plates so well chosen. It just kept drawing me in.
  11. This is the first of Griffiths's Stephens and Mephisto mysteries and is set in 1950s Brighton. I liked it. The period is conveyed well and DI Edgar Stephens is a well drawn thoughtful character. I now have the next one in the series.
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