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    Football, especially Arsenal F.C. Patisseries. Proof reading. Cooking. And reading of course. Nearly forgot about Words with Friends online.
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  1. Book Chain

    THE Woman in the Woods - John Connolly
  2. Currently Reading

    The Ashes of London, an historical thriller by Andrew Taylor.
  3. Book Chain

    The Comfort of Strangers - Ian McEwan
  4. Book Chain

    Time Enough for Love - Robert a Heinien
  5. Reservoir 13

    Will do!
  6. Book Chain

    The Way We Live Now - Anthony Trollope
  7. Reservoir 13

    Hear, hear. (My post about this book has been lost) As for the variois characters I even started to make a list early on but then realised it didn't matter.
  8. Book Chain

    The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner - Alan Sillitoe
  9. Book Chain

    The History Of The World in 10 1/2 Chapters - Julian Barnes
  10. Song Chain

    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - The Righteous Brothers
  11. The Reservoir Tapes

    I am aware that stating that Reservoir 13 is beautifully written could well put some of you off. The writing isn't pretentious, over-literary or drawing attention to itself it is just simply perfect in its apparent simplicity. People get on wiith their lives in this north Midlands small communiy after the disappearance of a young girl last seen out on a hike with her parents. Young people move away, some return, middle-aged people either find love again or realistically decline, and all the while McGregor let's us know in spare lines the seasonal changes in the surrounding hills, the wildlife and the veg on the allotments as well as the wild flowers.
  12. Book Chain

    The Road To Wigan Pier - George Orwell
  13. what is everyone doing?

    Lots of lists about books at the end of the year (in our weekend newspapers) and in the one showing the 100 best-selling books I had read just one, The Essex Serpent. In readers' books of the year I was chuffed to see my current read Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor.
  14. Book Lists 2018

    Reservoir13 - Jon McGregor ***** Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: Gail Honeyman ***** In Bitter Chill:: Sarah Ward*** A Deadly Thaw: Sarah Ward*** The Ashes of London: Andrew Taylor
  15. I gave up on it quite early on and for some reason I hadn't associated it with the events described in that Martin Compston programme. MOH read it after me, although he is not a Denise Mina fan, persevered but didn't enjoy it. What is interesting are the memories and links of our Scottish members above.