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  1. Song Chain

    Is She Really Going Out With Him - Joe Jsckson
  2. Book Chain

    Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
  3. Man Booker 2018 prize

    I read a long article about the Man Booker losing its shine. Some in the publishing business in the UK are hoping that Man ďecide to pull out of the spomsorship soon. I used to make a note of shortlisted novels but have given up lately.
  4. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    The British in India:Three Centuries of Ambition aand Experience David Gilmour
  5. I recently bought this in paperback and found it very interesting and 'digestible'. What wss new to me was the explanation for South America's inability to make strides globally - geography of course being such a determinant. A large sub-continent but with so few harbours for great ports. Obvious when you think about it but I for one hadn't thought about it..
  6. Song Chain

    All That She Wants - Ace of Base
  7. Song Chain

    With or Without You - U2
  8. Book Chain

    Tne Man in the Wooden Hat - Jane Gardam
  9. The Heather Blazing

    I was a littĺe concerned at first that there might be rather too many references tothe weather in Co Wexford's coastal area and the temperature of the sea - Eamon from boyhood and beyond enjoys his long walks along the cliffs and swimming - but I was soon engaged by this novel. It is very subtle in the portrayal of relationships and how, despite his professional successes that there was soomething lacking in his personality. Reading the last chapter with the recalcitrant little grandson nearly made me well up. 'Only Connect' ? A very accomplished novel. T
  10. Book Chain

    Five Fall Into Adventure - Enid Blyton
  11. I have just read my first Val McDermin (A Place of Execution) and cannot find here other reviews of her crime fiction. Are there any? P.S. Meg has subsequently sorted my query so now a few notes about the book. A schoolgirl is reported missing from a Derbyshire hamlet.. It is set in the 1960s and we follow the diligent police work especially focusing on the small rather inbred community she hails from. In the second part of the book set in the 1980s the retired chief inspector has a role again having been asked for some background by a journalist.. Often disturbing but a very involving story.
  12. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    The Heather Blazing, Colm Toibin Thanks Viccie for the recco.
  13. Song Chain

    The Only Way is Up - Yazz
  14. Book Chain

    The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  15. I am finding his 2016 ' Love You Dead' almost ridiculous. The 'ugly duckling" daughterturned femme fatale who, amongst other things, runs out of a hairy situation by changing planes three times in the U.S. under different aliases........c'mon!