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    Football, especially Arsenal F.C. Patisseries. Proof reading. Cooking. And reading of course. Nearly forgot about Words with Friends online.
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  1. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  2. A to Z Game

    Xanadu so I can walk round with Coleridge's poem in my head.
  3. The setting is south central Los Angeles an area inhabited by loads of gangs. I.Q. are the initials of a yoing high-achieving student distraught by the loss of a much-loved older and influential brother. Having no other family and unable to support himself he pals ip with an 'habitual offender' . The author is a devotee of Sherlocck Holmes and we see this in Isaiah's (I.Q.) deductive abilities: his partner is streetwise. A lot of the gangsta-style lingo of the inhabitants passed me by but the character of I.Q. saved it for me.
  4. Patrick Melrose

    I agree with you Binker that it was a good first episode. I have read many of Edward St Aubyn's Melrose novels and am looking forward to the next episodes.
  5. Book Chain

    White Teeth - Zadie Smith
  6. Book Chain

    THE Woman in the Woods - John Connolly
  7. Currently Reading

    The Ashes of London, an historical thriller by Andrew Taylor.
  8. Book Chain

    The Comfort of Strangers - Ian McEwan
  9. Book Chain

    Time Enough for Love - Robert a Heinien
  10. Reservoir 13

    Will do!
  11. Book Chain

    The Way We Live Now - Anthony Trollope
  12. Reservoir 13

    Hear, hear. (My post about this book has been lost) As for the variois characters I even started to make a list early on but then realised it didn't matter.
  13. Book Chain

    The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner - Alan Sillitoe
  14. Book Chain

    The History Of The World in 10 1/2 Chapters - Julian Barnes
  15. Song Chain

    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - The Righteous Brothers