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  1. WHAT!!! That's unbelievable, Hazel! You don't have someone go through all that anxiety, be actually prepared for surgery, and then turn around and tell them moments before that you're not going to perform the operation! That's abominable and if I were you I'd be getting a second opinion. Very poor judgement/patient management on his part.
  2. I'm a bit unusual in that I've never had my tonsils out - luckily they don't give me much trouble. There is, however, nothing worse than a really sore throat, so if you're having one of those quite regularly it's probably best to get rid of the tonsils. Following Minxminnie's post, though, I have had a rhinoplasty, among other things (I'm a bit like Frankenstein's monster, me! ) and I also had two black eyes, along with lots of swelling and bruises, but it looked a lot worse than it felt, to be honest. Hospitals are obliged to tell you all the possible outcomes when you're having surgery, but I've never found pain and things like that to be too unbearable. The worst pain I ever had was after an eye operation, so hopefully I'll never need one of those again!
  3. Oh dear, doesn't sound particularly nice, but then they're obliged to let you know all the things that can happen. I'd imagine those things are rare enough. Try not to think about them and just concentrate on getting it over with and your recovery. Best of luck
  4. Oh, best of look with it, Hazel. I'm sure everything will be fine.
  5. Aw, thanks Hazel . First two went quite well, so fingers crossed!
  6. I am just finishing up a lesson plan for my first tutorial classes tomorrow. First time teaching - eek!
  7. I wouldn't bother, ennui - life's too short, really They're terrible books, especially the later ones. The first one is ok, I suppose. I read Harry Potter after seeing the first film and I was aware of the stories of a good few nineteenth-century novels before I actually read them. Not sure whether that was from films r just studying literature.
  8. This is good - thanks for posting meg. I typed in Barbara Kingsolver and got some interesting results. I've read some of the closest ones, including Joyce Carol Oates and Ann Patchett, but nothing by Anne Lamott or Sue Monk Kidd, so might try them out. The one book I read by Alexander McCall Smith, who was also one of the closest - one of the books set in Scotland - I didn't really like, so might be less inclined to try him again.
  9. Saw part one of Deathly Hallows yesterday. I liked it, but it's very hard to judge it as a film, since there's a second part to come. In fact the second part is the one I'm really looking forward to. I think all the young actors have gotten much better as the series has progressed. At least Radcliffe can cry convincingly on screen now! Some very moving and funny moments in this. I would have liked to see more of the Dursleys at the beginning, but some of the additions were nice touches also.
  10. I'm sticking with it for now. Although some of the episodes have been horrible (the Rocky Horror episode was ghastly) I still think it deals very well with a lot of issues - last week's 'Never Been Kissed' episode is a case in point. If it can steer clear of silly themes, not have too many big name appearances and concentrate on the stories I'll be happy. I'm prepared to give it a chance to get back to its best.
  11. You're welcome, Wolfy though, of course, as lucy says, these kinds of things can go wrong. If it helps me organise my work better, though, I'll risk it.
  12. Anyone ever heard of this? I've just discovered it and am loving it so far. It's a word processor/project management tool and I'm finding it brilliant for storing my research and drafts of my thesis all in one place. There are loads of features to help you organise your writing. You can even write in full screen mode to avoid distractions and it lets you break your work up into small chunks instead of having one long document. It was designed for the Mac originally, but a Windows version is due to be released soon. I'm still getting to grips with all he features, but I'm very excited about using it for my writing projects.
  13. Minxminnie, that sounds like a fantastic prank I'm not doing anything very exciting this weekend - just working on a thesis chapter
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