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  1. Thanx for reply. These lot are a real talkative bunch aren't they?
  2. Havent read this yet but am embarking on an Ellis-a-thon.. When u say Collusion, do you mean between the reader and the character??
  3. Hey there bookworms, Im 22 and currently reading a book published in about '67 called 'The Tattooed Rood', only about 40 pages in but very cool well written and exciting so far. Anyone else ever read this?? Okay another of my favourite books of all time is The Fog by James Herbert, probably one of my favourite authors ever, anyone else enjoy his stuff?? Im not a compete cultural loser, I have read 'Frankensten' and think this is one of the greatest novels of all time, and I studied English and American lit at Uni finding a special fondness for Fitzgerald 'The Great Gatsby' and also Faulkner 'Light in August' very very good book. Anyway, I am currently embarking on a quest to read the Observer top 100 novels ever, starting with Don Quiote. Any one ever read this? Good? So anyhoo, modern books...I am a very big Elmore Leanord fan and am also going to try and read my first ever B.E Ellis book soon, anyone got any comments?? Recommendations based on what I have already mentioned. Thanks people, CJ
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