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  1. But while you are waiting for Christmas to come that person usually will get that certain something. So really, anyway you look at it you're screwed LOL!
  2. I've ordered a few things off the internet but, I'm still trying to think what some these people might want. It's always the same every year. It would be so pleasant, if, one Christmas I knew what to get people. Does anyone else ever experience this, and then after Christmas, some time in January, usually, you think of all the things you couldn't think of before.
  3. Carla

    Who Has Pets?!

    How are your pets taking the cold everyone?
  4. Carla

    Who Has Pets?!

    I had a cat a few years ago. She was gray, with a tuff of white fur under her chin and another on her belly. She was a good cat, I still miss her every once in a while.
  5. Carla


    Great smilies!!! This one is my favourite.
  6. TPBM is wondering if anyone is from Austria.
  7. TPBM is five time zones before me.
  8. A Crowning Mercy - Bernard Cornwell, Susannah Kells (These books don't have to be ones we've read, do they?)
  9. Are we going to get more smilies? Just wondering.
  10. Carla

    Who Has Pets?!

    I shan't ever speak to any of you again! No, just teasing. The funny thing is, I used to hate chihuahuas myself. But there is something about having one of your own. I will say, small breeds are not for everyone. But, the stereotypical version of them is not always true, it's all how you raise and treat them. David's choice in dogs is a good one. I love border collies. Wanted one myself, back when I had a larger back yard. Labs and goldens are two great breeds, Bill! Great sentiment, Cathy! Sorry to hear you were bitten by a collie.
  11. Awww! Thanks Cathy! TPBM is excited about Christmas morning already!
  12. TPBM didn't enjoy cleaning out dog kennels. (I don't blame ya!)
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