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  1. Any thoughts on the conclusion? A little ambiguous to me.
  2. "1) I don't know if Celia got it. It could go either way. I go back and forth. Probably what the author wanted. 2) I hope Celia got it also. Henry could have just been shot. Instead, she conspires with CIA hitmen to poison him and then stay around for the ride. She even asked him several times if he was OK, knowing he was dying. How disingenuous. Henry likely deserved it because his actions led to the deaths of 120 people. But, he did it to save her life. If confronted with the situation, but instead her children were at risk, we know damn well what she would have done. What would any of us do? 3) I think she did retire, but this "event" will propel her back into the CIA. I think she misses the rush and who knows, maybe she'll start screwing around with Karl with a K, another loathsome character.
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