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  1. I like Dickens and have read quite a few, it's true you have to grit your teeth for the first 100 pages, but once you know all the characters it takes off. You know that at the end everyone is going to turn out to be related to each other, but it is a wild ride along the way. Since the books are 500 pages or more it is worth the effort. He is more straight-forward with language, not as pretty prose as a number of the other 19th century English writers.
  2. Just started Tom Jones. I think I've read this once in college. The name Allworthy is ringing a bell. Anyone care to weigh it on this classic?
  3. I have read and enjoyed most of Jane Austin's works, along with the Bronte's, Thomas Hardy, Dickens and others. If you are patient with it these writers really know how to develop their characters, as compared to today's books that for the most part, use characters to get you to the action scenes. I also think that no one used the english language better than these authors. I can read many random sentences and stop to think how long it would take me to compose a sentence as perfect. Anyway, I am not into romances per se, but I really enjoy these pastoral dramas on many levels.
  4. I would like to buy a book covering best English and American poetry from the 17th through 19th centuries. Can anybody recommend a good compilation?
  5. I would like to re-read a very interesting book that I read in paperback form around 1980, but I can't remember the title and only the authors first name (Robert). It was a fiction that I think came out around that time. It dealt with a young boy growing up along the Mississippi river and interwove the legend of a monster sized catfish in the river and a voodoo priestess from the poor side of town. At the end of the book their is a flood, the levy breaks and guess what comes surging up (the catfish). CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THE AUTHOR/TITLE The author had a very unique style and I have thought about this book on and off for the last 20 years. Thanks!
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