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  1. want to read a muslim's take on why islam has seen a recent growth in fundamentalists, then read this for an education. would like to see what other readers think, so will write no more and see if anyone responds to this thread!
  2. as no thread on this guess no one has read it? Even though you know what happen's to Daniel (The Wall Street Journalist decapitated by Islamic fundamentalists.) before you start reading, the way that his wife, Mariane, writes about events gives you an beautifuly written picture of how religious fundametalism operates in Pakistan. At the same time she also describes grief in a way that anyone who has lost someone close can relate to. If like me when you heard the news story announcing Daniel's death and thought how can a man with a pregnant wife put himself in such a dangerous situation. well read this book and you will understand why and how we need journalists like him.
  3. loved it, having previously read one of the historical books that Levy used in her research i though she produced a wonderful story from it all. The only bit I found hard to accept was the handing over of the baby...that bit didn't work for me.
  4. so nice to see I'm not the only one who read this and wondered why it has sold so many copies, thought it was contrived, and dull. stuck with it till the end hoping it would get better - it didn't and it was pretty easy to figure out who the teacher was and the people in the cottage... However, expect it will make a pretty film with lots of scenes of beautiful paris...and give some wrinkly actor the chance to kiss a beautiful young actress.
  5. was so nice to have the women getting what they want despite everything - a real 'girl power' book!
  6. what I found so shocking was the fact that the father saw white catholic priests as superior to nigerian priests, his inverted racism towards his own countrymen was appalling...shame he didn't get to suffer in prison as he deserved it more far than the brother. In some ways felt that story could have been set anywhere, especially in the currect period of fundametalist religious zeolots of different flavours. Nigeria is also experincing extreme religion with fundamentalist muslims stoning to death women who are raped, (apparently it's god's law!)...and also a very conservative catholic church. Hopefully however, this story isn't too typical of the average nigerian family...but fully enjoyable althoogh rather painful to read in places.
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