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  1. I had a worried wait until I found out my husband was safe. He got home eventually tonight but is in a kind of dazed shock - he works for Transport for London so I think it's hit hard. He's back in London as usual tomorrow much to the distress of our sons. Sadly a friends colleague is in intensive care and another one is still missing. I can't believe this has happened - naievely I thought we might be protected because of our relatively tolerant nature and our large Muslim populations. I thought the interview with Ken Livingstone summed up my feelings. His grief was so real and his words so true - this has not hit the powerful but ordinary Londoners. Good luck to everyone tomorrow who travels about London, I think it will be a difficult day for all.
  2. I've just finished 'Purple hibiscus' by Adichie. I loved it - it's about a girl growing up in Nigeria and events surrounding her family against a background of civil unrest. Now reading 'Port Mungo' - about an artists life as seen through the eyes of his sister. Again very interesting book.
  3. I know - the adjectives went on and on!!! I'm certainly more olfactorily aware of my surroundings more now (for better or worse)!!!!
  4. I'm reading 'The kite runner' Wow!!! What a powerful book.
  5. Yes fascinating. I could see where this section was leading and I thought we were in for a much more gruesome time when the murders started. I thought the time when he was 'tracking' the final victim was well written as I found myself becoming tense and disturbed. It's that feeling that you cannot shake off your pursuer because they are working off your scent which cannot be lost easily.
  6. I've just read this for a book group - it was my choice as I'd heard about it but never read it. I enjoyed it immensely as it caused me to think about a sense that seems so often overlooked. I started to think about the charismatic power of some people and could this have been their scent? The group were split between those like me who were fascinated and others who were repulsed by the evil of this character. The descriptions of his surroundings were wonderful but how could he cope in that cave!!? We also felt there was a fairytale quality about the story - Grimm perhaps? I've read somewhere that this novel is now being made into a film starring amongst others Dustin Hoffman. Thoroughly reccomended as a 'different' book to read.
  7. I'm reading 'Perfume' by Patrick Suskind. VERY different but I am enjoying it
  8. I use the library most of the time even though reservations are now 90p. It's still cheaper than buying. There is a very good online catalogue and they do seem to get books quickly. I can also order them before they arrive in the library if it's in the catalogue. I used to buy when I worked full time and would love to buy more now but finances stop me!! News for those 'buyers' out there:- THIS WEEK ONLY TESCO ONLINE IS OFFERING FREE DELIVERY ON ALL BOOKS AND ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!
  9. Hi I totally agree about William Boyd. I had to read him for a book group couldn't believe I'd missed his work all this time. I agree consistently good and a great storyteller.
  10. I love my holidays - with 2 grown kids living at home we get to escape. As well as our planned abroad ones we take lots of cheap caravan ones courtesy of the SUN newspapers. For those out there who haven't tried it it's great. At certain times of the year you collect vouchers from The Sun. Then you fill in a form giving 4 date choices and 4 destinations. You choose Mon - Fri or Fri-Mon. This is the best bit - the whole break for 4 people costs £38. NOT £38 A NIGHT but £38 for 3 or 4 nights. The sites are all over the UK with loads in the West Country and Ireland and France. You get a lovely mobile home and a park with facilities like a pool etc. We bulk buy the papers and take about 4 weekends a year. We have just come back from The US Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, Nashville, etc. We had a great time and mixed cities with small towns and staying in state parks. Last year we went to Malaysia to meet our eldest son who'd been in Thailand for 5 months. That was quite adventurous for us and we really enjoyed Asia. We are now inspired to do more in that direction. I think though a holiday, if you are with the right person/people, can be brilliant anywhere you go. I too have enjoyed Scarborough - well being married to a North Easterner it sort of came with the package. I can also wax lyrical about most of those North eastern resorts!!!! willow
  11. I love the theatre - it's one of my hobbies/passions. We've just come back from a holiday in the US and went to the theatre in Atlanta to see a hilarious murder mystery that involves the audience. It's called 'Shear Madness' and was brilliant. I am very lucky as where I live I've got London an hour away, A good theatre at Guildford, one at Woking and even Southampton close. I also take my parents to matinees at Bromley. On Friday we are going to see 'Tommy' then it's Journeys End next week followed by my Mum and I going to Sing Along to the Sound of Music!!!!! In the winter we saw 'By THe Bog Of Cats' in London and Sheila Hancock in 'The Anniversary. Looking in the Sunday Times today I want to try and see 'Death of a Salesman (Arthur Miller is my all time favourite) Pinter's 'The Birthday Party' and a couple others. However I agree with Megulasteer about ticket prices which is why I try and go locally it's cheaper and we do get post and pre West End productions. We also are thinking of a retirement move and one of our criteria is good local theatre! Willow
  12. You just call out my name And you know where ever I am I'll come running To see you again Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall All you gotta do is call And I'll be there Yes I will You got a friend James Taylor
  13. I'm reading 'The peppered Moth' by Margaret Drabble. This is the first book I've read by the author (how she passed me by I don't know!!!!) It looks promising.
  14. I've been to some author events at the Guildford book Festival that I really enjoyed. Surrey libraries together with New books Magazine have had two Readers Days which were great. The first was a mixed bunch of authors eg Patrick gale, fay weldon, james runcie, jenny colgan, Sally Vickers and loads more. The second concentrated on Crime writing. I'm hoping they have another this year.
  15. Me plus Ken Livingstone - I've been a fan of his since his GLC days. I love the way he is so articulate Tony Benn - Ditto and I've heard him speak - a wonderful humanitarian. Ian Hislop - again an intelligent eloquent speaker. Martin Luther king junior - my hero since I heard the I have a dream speech. Shirley williams - again eloquent committed and interesting Barbara Castle - a great politician and true Labour Vanessa Feltz - underated - a very intelligent sharp woman Oprah - ditto Yes you've guessed my politics are Left of centre. Would they all get along though!!!
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