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  1. I'd like to list these two: 1. A Philosophy of Boredom by Lars Svendsen: This brings together insights about boredom--which the author regards as the most definitive thing about the human condition--from philosophy, literature, and pop culture. Svendsen has written this for the general reader. Which means the book does not presume knowledge of philosophy, yet it doesn't patronize or oversimplify things. Since it draws from different texts, from different literary and philosophical traditions, there is much to read. That is, thanks to Svendsen I picked up Joseph Brodsky's essa
  2. I absolutely love it. I love The New Yorker's Writers Read podcast, where writers read either their own work or the works of other writers, mostly those they admire. The reading is followed by an honest discussion between the mag's Fiction Editor and the Guest Writer, and very often these are better than most lit-crit classes
  3. I'm reading both fiction and non-fiction at the moment. Fiction: Hanif Kureishi's Intimacy - This one polarizes opinion, to put it mildly. This is a collection of a middle-aged man's agonized musings about why he must leave his family. Written and published just as Kureishi stepped out of his marriage, the book has been chastised for its immensely personal nature. I don't think it depicts the wife in bad light at all. If anything, it is a meditation on marriage and male sexuality. Even his first work, The Buddha of Suburbia, led to allegations that he had exploited his father's pas
  4. Hello, all! I just signed up a while back. I'm here because I really like to read and think about what it means to read--that is, about just why it is an eminently unique experience. I remember DF Wallace and Zadie Smith talking about how, among other things, reading requires one to be ok about being alone, and I think that's a great way to look at it. My digression aside: I'm here because I love reading what others think about literature. As you may have guessed, my current favorites include DF Wallace, Zadie, Pynchon, Hanif Kureishi. I also enjoy non-fict
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