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  1. Pardon my French, but this book SUCKED! Bad storyline, not at all exciting.. this guy can't write for peanuts!
  2. Ade, you put forward an interesting point with that. Are the moral conclusions to what are usually children's stories ever logical? Or realistic, for that matter? How often does good win over evil in real life? How does one exactly define winning, anyway? I think what makes Stevenson so good is that he doesn't try to simplify things just because the book is intended for young people. He respects that they too look at the world as it is and not as adults wish them to see it, nevertheless making it more interesting with his story.
  3. I bought their album, Hot Fuss, recently, and I found it really, really good. Finally, a band that I actually like and can't criticize in any way. Then I turn on the TV and see this live performance. To be fair, the music was all good; it was just the singer. How could he sing so off key?!!!! I could sing better than him, and I haven't even been trained or anything!! He especially ruined my favourite song, Indie Rock and Roll. And to think that I loved him so in the video of Mr Brightside. *cries*
  4. To tell you the truth, I was more than a tad disappointed when I saw that we were going to have to study Treasure Island (the abridged version!) at school this year. Not that I was looking forward to anything better, because English is my third language... still, it used to be my first language earlier on, and I can say with a fairly clear conscience that I'm better at it than anybody in my class. It felt like they thought I was illiterate or something. So I got the unabridged version off the Internet... not only because I want to enjoy English this year, but also because I'd never read it and wanted to know why it was rated a classic. I finished it today and I'm still in awe of it. This book is packed with adventure. Drop all your Harry Potters, they're nothing in comparision. Of course, it is a harder read, with all the archaic words and strange similies... but much more worth it, I can assure you. I know some very good writers who have the imagination of a flea and blokes who can't write but have the greatest imagination, but Stevenson is the perfect blend of both! I really am going to enjoy studying this text!
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