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  1. Well I am rather late to this thread, but not to the Cherrys series of books. I was a big fan of these books when I was a youngster growing up in the late seventies/early eighties. I grew up in a rural village but we were lucky enough to have a very good library, I was even luckier in the fact that the sole librarian there was my own mother The library had two Cherrys books on the shelves - 'The Cherrys and the Pringles', and 'The Cherrys to the Rescue'. God I loved those books and took them out on a regular basis. With my mother being the librarian I could take them out on an extended basis, essentially library members had a three week loan but with my "privileges" I would keep them for many weeks. I would estimate that well over half the stamps in the book were from my borrowing alone Then I grew up of course and books like that were long forgotten until about 10 years ago when I searched for 'The Cherrys to the Rescue' on eBay, found it and purchased it. After reading it the next logical step was to search for the books in the series that I had never read as a child and so using eBay, Abebooks, and a lucky find in the book shop at Charlecote Park, I have amassed 12 of the series over a ten year period. It may seem a very long time but I've been very strict on budget. There was a period about 5 years ago where the books were being listed at LUDICROUS prices, three figure sums in all cases and due to this I didn't buy a Cherrys book for several years. That price nonsense seems to have settled down about now so I am back on the hunt for the last two to complete my series! This thread doesn't seem to get much action so it'll probably be several years until someone sees this post, by which time I hope to have completed my collection Anyway, I look forward to reading any more input on this thread as and when it comes.
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