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  1. This is my brand new Kindle eBook, which was published in late April on Amazon. Findagroov™ Reviews The Songs Of... is a new music book series that I am creating in which I review the entire discography of a classic soul, funk, or R&B artist song by song, as opposed to album by album as other music review books do. The series takes on all of the artist's recorded songs in chronological order from their very first known recording to their most recent. This debut entry turns the spotlight (or the flashlight in this case) on George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, a/k/a The P-Funk All Stars. I review all of his songs circa 1958 to 2018 and feature songs credited to The Parliaments, The Funkadelics, Parliament, Funkadelic, George Clinton, and P-Funk All Stars. Additionally, the book features songs by other artists in which George and/or P-Funk appear as a guest artist. This is not a book which gives a simple one- or two-sentence review for each song, although some songs fall into that category if there is not a lot to say about it. Rather, this book features detailed, essay-style discussions about each song in terms of the message in the lyrics, the song's cultural standing if applicable, what the song meant back when it was recorded and how it measures up in today's society, and so forth. If you are a funkateer who is interested in reading fun, opinionated discussion about your favorite P-Funk songs and want to delve into the rest of their catalog, or if you want to know more about what music is out there that features George Clinton on vocals, this is the book for you. Simply search for Findagroov (without an 'e' at the end - not a typo) on Amazon and there it is.
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