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  1. Awww, poor you... I'm sure it'll all work out. Hopefully Having lunch at school, yum yum ;P
  2. "International Superhits" - Green Day I got American Idiot for Christmas and loved it, this albums v good too, but not AS good...
  3. They're not that great... ish. Meh. I bought "All that you can't leave behind" by U2
  4. U2 How to dismantle an atomic bomb It's so good I want to curl up and die.
  5. Last year, as a joint pressie between me, my sister and my two brothers, we got a trampoline. Not a small one, it got like a 16ft diameter, it's funky!
  6. lol. Yeah, Dumbledore was trying to tell him stuff and Harry was just being an idiotic fool. I didn't hate him in No 5 but I disliked him more than I hd done in any of the other books. Hopefully in the next books he'll be slightly more human....
  7. I read the top 500 list ages ago and there were books like "The Hungry Catapillar" at number 112 (can't remember the number exactly) It IS a very good book thoguh
  8. Know of any good websites? Post here to share them with everyone! For all of you LoTR fans, there's a board (http://www.theone-boards.net) and it's brilliant! There are loads of members and all the peopleon it are really nice! Anyone else know some good sites?
  9. Smelly Bubble-Nose yay! Lol, this is just odd
  10. I love them, I saw number 4 the other day actually.... Like you said the old ones are better, I mean, the new ones aren't BAD but I wouldn't have seen them more than once in the cinema. Oooooh, the third one is coming out on May 12th 2005. I saw a poster for it in the cinema and it looks scary.... but hopefully good!
  11. The Incredibles (!) It was okay, but I think I would have found it better if I was a 9 year old boy. Which is understandable, as I don't think they aimed the film at someone like me. Only 5/10 then.
  12. It's fun, being able to tick all the books off that you've read on this great big list. There were books that I'd forgotten that I'd read so I was like Oh yeah..... I read a bunch of good books though, ones that I wouldn't have read normally.
  13. I think it might be easier to relate to the characters if your a child yourself, but like you've said, I think both adults and kids will enjoy the box set. I really enjoyed all three books, the 3rd being the best, the end is so sad.....
  14. I havn't read either, but I'd like to know (without giving away the plot Harriet ) which is better Angels and Demons or The Da Vinci Code? And, do they go in a specific order?
  15. I know it's just amazing the way he almost devoted his whole life to the writings of his books. I've read about half of the Sil and I'm not really going to well with it. It's not like a normaal book, it reads more like a historical volume! So I'm finding some of the chapters very dull. Has nyone else read it ?
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