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  1. By the way, this book is part one of a series of novels called UNDYING QUEEN. The second book which is the second part of this saga is called THE WORLD WITHOUT ARKHALLA and is also available.
  2. Okay, so I'm here to talk about this book, The Undying Queen of Ur, which is a fantasy novel loosely based in Sumerian mythology. The story tells about this immortal queen called Arkhalla, who ruled over the lands of Sumer at the beginning of the Bronze Age, about 3,000 BC and is set in the early days of human civilizations when the first Sumerian Kingdoms formed on earth. In this novel, they never, even once, use the term "vampires." Although the Undying feed on human blood and have a few similarities to the vampires, to say that this is a story about vampires would be to make a terrible mistake. Other than a few similarities, this story has absolutely nothing to do with vampires at all. Arkhalla is this powerful queen who ruled over mankind for more than 200 years from her mighty ziggurat in Ur. She lives in a world that is consumed by the flames of countless wars and reigns absolute. Her power is indisputable and she rules over all until the day a young human boy called Shamath (he is 18) is captured in the queen's latest war. Shamath is then taken as a captive to the city of Ur and finds himself in the midst of untold horrors committed by the Undying. But it is when Queen Arkhalla notices him among several other prisoners that would be sacrificed to their god, Asag that she gets intrigued by the boy's courage and defiance in the face of death. She then decides to spare his life and takes him as her body slave. This is when her world changes forever! This is a thrilling and beautiful story about love and redemption. The gripping liaison between the two protagonists starts as a dramatic and abusive master/slave relationship but slowly turns into the most beautiful love story I have ever read. This story is a remarkable tale of a kingdom torn by intrigue and a fascinating cast of characters struggling for dominance. But I felt that this story is above all, a tale about forbidden love. The love between an immortal Undying Queen and a young human slave who overcame impossible odds and the darkness within their own hearts and discovered each other. It is really worth checking.
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