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  1. I wonder if anyone can help me although I know it's a long shot. I bought a book around a year ago and it was a fantastic read, for clarity it was in South Wales and I bought it from asda, go figure. This book was about a man who sat in a park every day at lunch time (may or may not have been new york city) next to a lake. One day across the lake he sees a little boy, as time goes on he tries to talk to said little boy and notices more and more that the child looks neglected. All the child does is pick up a stick and trail it in the water for a bit before leaving. I have a lot of sketchy memories of this book so please forgive me if I'm rambling. As the story progresses, the man goes to find where the boy lives, when he arrives at the home, he hears the husband attacking his wife at night and he comes across an 18year old who's angry at the abuse. They burst in to protect the boy and wife and the 18 year old shoots the husband and wife in a rage. They then flee to a shack in the woods where this 18 year old has been living, they're now on the run from the police. They end up in a bar where they're caught up in a fight and arrested. Turns out the 18 year old is a figment of the man's imagination and I think he has a split personality disorder? The book had a blue cover with a little boy on it, sorry its not a lot to go on but it's driving me mad!
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