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  1. I read the fall of the house of usher and i was wondering about what it's about. its unclear and i was wondering if it is a rough draft or unfinished. there are places in the story that it's unclear what it's about. for example, the part where they are looking at the window and roderick usher says not to look out the window. and how does madeline come back to life? is roderick usher and the narrator both hallucinating? is it about vampirism? at the end of the story she attacks roderick usher but does he die of a heart attack? is she biting him? i read that there was a fear of vampires in the 1800s. he could defend himself against her. what about the doctors in the story? they are not mentioned much. why the name ethelred? the color red is in the story a few times. the red blood on her robes. how is there blood? i thought she was buried in a coffin. in a coffin, you just open it from within right? ethel sounds like alchohol and ethelred sounds like red wine. the haunted palace poem mentions the word ruby in it. rubies are red. it mentions a blood red moon at the end of the story also. the story seems weak at the end to me. anyone have any insight to this story? theme or intuition or suggestions of missing text? or ideas about it?
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