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  1. I think the thing about the DVC is that it grips you from the word go and keeps you there until the end. So much so that you do not realise the real shortcomings in the writer's actual literary ability until you think back. It works so can you blame Mr Brown for going with it. Movie fodder Vs Classic literature - who's the winner?
  2. I must admit I love this book too - I don't think it is a big seller, so It's great to see others raving about it. (I even contacted the publisher to see if Steve Horsfall has any more books in the pipeline, but they did not seem to know). I commented on another thread about Dickens (my favourite writer) and You Are Here has some real Dickens traits - I mean who else would call a central character Elise Roundbottom??
  3. I love Dickens - Nicholas Nickleby is my favourit book. The way he uses language and the surreal names and charicatures are fantastic in his classics. I re-read Christmas Carol every December. The 1 book I did not like was A Tale of Two Cities
  4. Just joined - saw the link on the Hay festivlal site and this looks to be one of the best book sites I have seen. I mainly read Brit contemporary stuff so will be looking for some good Reccos
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