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  1. Hi, Other hobbies I have, reading and writing aside, include taking photos (mainly landscape and nature), listening to music (Radio2 - pop/R&B/Soul) and drawing (mostly cartoon type drawings).
  2. Move, flow sway, scribble, glide across, along and throughout your paper or screen, owning it with yourself expressed through words. Its certainly true, the freedom you get from writing and typing, helps ease that which may work against ourselves. I find it a form of release, a spilling of wonders, fears, emotions, odds and ends... to note that which grips us is like a form of accepting your own truth. Whats yours?.
  3. I'm just watching it now - it was recorded on my TiVo box as a suggestion. I do like a good nature documentary. I like nature and travel documentaries and ones about culture - well, pretty much most documentaries I like. I like to learn about cultures too.
  4. Maybe I misunderstood things then? oh thats great. I'll post some shortly then
  5. Really? it was tagesmann I asked in a PM about it - I asked if poems could be posted in the writers corner sub-forum and he said they dont really allow unpublished pieces . I also wondered about mentioning a couple of book related things (schemes/concepts) I'm aware of and enjoy, which others might like but I'm aware it could appear like advertising. Obviously I wouldn't want to get banned or anything.
  6. Thats nice to hear. I certainly hope to make some new friends here too its a shame I can't post my poems here but oh well.
  7. Hi Poppy - welcome! I don't think im familiar with that site - I take it, its closed down? thats a shame. I prefer these sort of forum sites compared to apps and social media sites, in terms of socialising online.
  8. Thats quite understandable!. I'm pretty tired by Friday night too lol. I hope your having a good Sunday
  9. You sound like me then I can be easily distracted, even when I don't mean to be. I find it hard not to multitask - to watch TV and not also be browsing the internet, or reading a book, typing an email or something like that.
  10. Ah ok. Thats fair enough. It was definitely intriguing...I do tend to get a bit lost with some shows and films, if the plot isn't especially obvious, I sometimes find myself realising, mid way through, that I'm not entirely sure why the things I'm watching have happened(?!).
  11. I've heard people claim YA is really good and I have a number of books categorised as YA but I admit I do tend to ignore them on my bookshelves, which is bad as its one example of judging a book by its cover, if you replace cover with label or category/genre. I remember it being discussed on twitter - someone recommended a particular YA book which she said she'd come across and thought was especially good. I haven't bought it yet but it is in my book wish list - its called After The Fire by Will Hill. Some of the YA books I have on my shelves include A Gathering Light by Jennifer D
  12. No I haven't. Does the story make much more sense? it was all a bit confusing.
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