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  1. Library loan of Sunny Side Up: a story of kindness and joy by Susan Calman
  2. Razzle Dazzle Rose - Camera Obscura
  3. Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa
  4. Get out and walk - The Farmers Boys
  5. One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez
  6. Never let me go - Kazuo Ishiguro
  7. A Distant View of Everything - Alexander McCall Smith
  8. Cheer Up, Love: Adventures in Depression with the Crab of Hate - Susan Calman
  9. Kiss Me by Tin Tin (1982 12” Remix by Francois Kervorkian), not the ghastly one that got into the U.K. charts.
  10. Tell Laura I Love Her - Ricky Valance
  11. To Your Eternity #1 by Yoshitoki Oima. Beautiful with starkness in plot and illustrations.
  12. Harry Potter and the half blood prince - J K Rowling
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