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  1. Listening to First Class Murder (Wells and Wong Mystery / Murder Most Unladylike Mystery#3) by Robin Stevenson.
  2. I only go out from home/garden just once a week, for shopping. Wearing a mask while wearing glasses is difficult (and none of the hints given are helpful). But I would rather use a mask. It really p****s me off when quite a few people who wear masks in supermarkets, but pull the mask below their noses! 😖
  3. The World Without Us - Alan Weisman
  4. Boom! There She Was - Scritti Politti
  5. I use my 8" Kindle fire for reading most e-books, as it's very handy (easy size to handle, a choice for fonts and text size). Some things aren't that great, like reading graphic novels/manga (too small to see the illustrations/too fiddly to expand to see the text properly).
  6. Night and Day - Everything But The Girl
  7. Hard Times - The Human League
  8. Saw the film yesterday, and it was great! Did seem a bit slow, but when the first twist happened - it was WHOAH!! Spectacular film. I’m still thinking about the remarkable twists and turns. 😲
  9. A Silent Voice - Yoshitoki Oima
  10. Try a little tenderness- Otis Redding
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