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  1. It started out nice and warm here yesterday but then clouded over and got quite breezy again. nice and cool so far this morning, not sure how the day will turn out yet!
  2. Meant to get to about 26 or 27 here, hopefully not so humid as it was yesterday although at least there was a bit of a breeze. Feels quite hot already today though. Stay well everyone!
  3. It's been so windy too, and quite chilly too. Managed to finally get to a garden centre, bought loads of plants, hooray. Had a couple of heart in mouth moments watching the local cat stalking pigeons in the garden, twice it nearly got one but the bird managed to get away both times, feathers everywhere though. The cat is really cheeky ,we left the patio door open the other evening and it came strolling in!
  4. Yes despite the experts saying that Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far I think yesterday was hotter, very little breeze although it cooled down a bit in the evening, was quite sticky overnight though. Much cooler and cloudier today so far. Glad you are all OK, sounds like you have some nice walks Meg.
  5. Glad you're Ok. We've had some chilly nights here too, but meant to be the hottest day of the year so far today, in the South of England anyway. Hope everyone is doing OK.
  6. I skipped a few sections of Captain Corelli, I did read Labyrinth but haven't read the others, although I have GE on the shelf, a relic from schooldays when I did start it but then had to leave it to read books we were actually studying!
  7. I've heard brilliant things about The Mandolorian. New series of Outlander starts this Thursday on More 4, ya.
  8. I've always thought this book was very under rated, glad you liked it.
  9. Time's Convert - Deborah Harkness
  10. Great review, I still have Scrublands to read!
  11. Yes it's got much colder, and we just had a bit of sleet as well, although it's sunny again now, so much for the start of BST!
  12. The Quiet American - Graham Greene
  13. And a big hand for Royal Mail too, who must have lots of extra work and are still delivering.
  14. All of a winter's Night - Phil Rickman
  15. Brenda Blethyn who plays Vera was interviewed the other day and said that they were getting ready to film the next series, which is obviously on hold now. The only one which I've both read and seen is the latest book The Seagull, and the TV episode was sort of similar but also quite a bit different to the book. Good to see there's a new book on the way, thanks for that info.
  16. Yep virtual curtseys and bows, personally I've always hated handshakes anyway! I quite like the Namaste greeting that Prince Charles used as well.
  17. City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare
  18. They haven't given us a time frame yet. Good luck!
  19. Looks like this will be everyone's last day in the office for goodness knows how long as we all start working from home. Keep safe everyone!
  20. Went to the garden centre and got some compost, if I have to wfh I'll need garden breaks! Also got some plants for hanging baskets, nature at least seems undaunted by all this. I agree about the panic buying, saw people with loads of bottled water, so much for all the campaigns to cut back on plastic use. They've obviously never heard of tap water.
  21. Same here, toilet paper and dried pasta, and tinned stuff such as baked beans. Bizarre, and so selfish.
  22. that's probably why they keep putting the price up in England then!
  23. A book would probably be cheaper than a prescription anyway, especially as the price of prescriptions is going up yet again
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