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  1. Almost finished this and oh yes the catgut, I think I know more about that than I ever wanted to......😝 Having said that the book isn't too gruesome (I've read far worse) and it is well-written. Enjoying it so far and it will be interesting to see how the chalk and cheese relationship (I love some of McGray's insults) progresses.
  2. I'm about to start the first book in the Frey and McGrey series.
  3. Yes that's right, I've never been aware of the film version though.
  4. I think the film might be Another Country, which they were both in, and sounds right timewise, based on the Alan Bennett play.
  5. I thought they were both fairly the same, different settings but the end result was the same, and I still felt the ambiguity was there in the film. Been a while since I saw it - it was one I watched in the first lockdown! the Rachel Weisz version.
  6. I read one of hers a few years ago, The Other Side of the Bridge? it was good, a quiet writer is a very good description, but as you say, it's deceptive.
  7. I finally got round to watching the film "Seraphim Falls" over the weekend, thought it was good but slightly baffled by the ending, which seemed rather ambiguous.
  8. Don't Stop the Dance - Bryan Ferry
  9. I watched the film version of "The Dry" last night (it's based on Jane Harper's book), it was quite good, a bit slow to start but stuck pretty closely to the book. A bit depressing though! I think the book was better paced and had more character development.
  10. I only ever tried one and gave up halfway through, at first it was fairly entertaining in a no brainer kind of way, then I got fed up with Reacher basically going backwards and forwards to the same place to "sort out" the latest bad guy, then when It took 4 pages to describe hot wiring a car I gave up altogether.
  11. Did you ever go to the Ferryboat Inn for fish and chips? Stayed near there years ago with friends.
  12. I think there were some TV adaptations of the Jack Irish books, with Guy Pearce? I watched one but wasn't very impressed by it.
  13. Great review, I discovered Jim Kelly through the now defunct mail order company The Book People and have this book and 2 others still to be read. The location really appeals to me too, I've been to Ely a few times and driven through the Fens once or twice and they're an interesting location. I think he's written quite a lot of other books too.
  14. Yes they do tend to get a bit samey, however I think the Mallen series is probably the best thing she wrote. I remember the TV series well! there was a period when a lot of her books were adapted for TV, and a lot of well known actors had some early roles in them, they were certainly solid dramas.
  15. Jane Eyre has street names and even some towns blanked out, not sure why either, and that's in book form. I assume Charlotte Bronte didn't want a particular area identified for whatever reason.
  16. Great news, thanks very much!
  17. I love Outlander, gave up on Grey's Anatomy ages ago but hope you enjoy both of them!
  18. I've been enjoying the Sky POTY/LOTY as well, I wasn't sure about the Landscape artist's semi final winning painting (of Docklands) but loved her commission for the final, it was stunning. I like Unforgotten as well, that last one was a bit of a shocker wasn't it! I'm also watching The Terror on BBC2, which is barmy but at least a bit different to everything else that's on at the moment. I recorded The Night Manager when it was repeated recently as I missed it the first time it was on, so will start on that soon.
  19. "The Potter's Field" by Andrea Camilleri (Inspector Montalbano)
  20. Madeleine


    Alien Dachshund!
  21. "Echoes of the Runes" by Christina Courtenay - dual time frame with Vikings!
  22. Just googled it, no High Banks Hall in the UK so the author either made it up, or if she did base it on a real place we'll probably never know which one it was.
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