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  1. Book Chain

    Here Be Dragons - Sharon Kay Penman
  2. Galleries, Museums...y'know kultcha!

    Not into exhibitions etc too much, however I do have a weakening for the Pre-Raphaelites and have been to a few of exhibitions on that theme. Tate Britain is probably my favourite gallery, also went to the Vikings and Celts exhibitions at the British Museum over the last couple of years, and went to one at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square last Christmas, I hadn't been there since school and had forgotten how big those places are!
  3. What Writers/Books Will You Just Not Read!

    They all feel very "samey" after a while as well. Fine for holiday reads etc.
  4. Bron / The Bridge

    Recently finished for good now, my favourite Scandi series, already missing it!
  5. Game of Thrones

    I love GoT, although I agree that the fifth book, and fifth series, have been the weakest. I've enjoyed series 6 and 7 though, and am sort of dreading the final series!
  6. Wolf Hall on TV

    I still haven't read the books but loved the series, it looked absolutely beautiful and I agree the acting was superb all round, even Damian Lewis as Henry was excellent. I also thought the execution scene was very well done, Anne Boleyn has been portrayed so often but they managed to make it very moving and dramatic - and no music! Almost perfect TV.
  7. Outlander

    We've only just got the second series here in the UK on a freeview channel for those who don't have Prime (ie me!), enjoying it so far apart from the silly 2nd episode which seemed to belong to a completely different series!
  8. True Detective

    I loved the first series but gave up on the second one halfway through, didn't like the storyline or characters, whereas in the first one, although the storyline wasn't that original, the two main characters, and their relationship with each other, was fascinating, and both of them were so good as well.
  9. Coronation Street

    Unfortunately Corrie seems to be getting more like a Northern version of Eastenders, the whole Phelan storyline was plain ridiculous.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    I had the same problems with tomatoes as you, Meg, I've only got 2 plants but they've got very bushy and are loaded with fruit, which is ripening at the rate of about 2 every couple of days so far. When it turned windy last week they kept getting blown over, I managed to wedge one into a larger tub and the other one I eventually left semi-propped up against the wisteria after I got fed up of picking it up every 10 minutes or so, I figured it was safer to leave it that way. One plant seems to be ripening faster than the other so I've moved it along a bit to hopefully get more sun on it, and I've trimmed as many side branches as possible to let more light in.
  11. Introduce Yourself

    Got here at last! Thanks for your help with this.
  12. What Writers/Books Will You Just Not Read!

    Chick lit Erotic drivel (sorry lit) Anything supposedly written by someone who actually didn't write the book (Katie Price I'm looking at you, although at least she does admit she doesn't write her "books") I'm also getting fed up with the psychological thrillers which have the words "The Girl..." in the title Anything by GIllian Flynn (hated Gone Girl although I thought the film was better - well it couldn't be much worse - and gave up on the TV version of Sharp Objects)
  13. Love these books, great fun!
  14. I love these books, I also enjoyed the series but think it went downhill during and especially after series 4. The books sag a bit around 5 and 6, and the last few feel a bit rushed towards the end, but overall l think they're good escapist, comfort read fun. Much better than Twilight which got really boring after the first two books.
  15. I love her books, Marsh King is excellent and The Scarlet Lion is also one of my favourites. I also really enjoyed A Place Beyond Courage, which is about William Marshal's dad, John. Gradually working my way through her books, she writes very well but doesn't drown the reader in her research.