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  1. Just googled it, no High Banks Hall in the UK so the author either made it up, or if she did base it on a real place we'll probably never know which one it was.
  2. Doubt it would be either of those, sounds more like a John Grisham type author?
  3. I've been on this other forum for a while (it's currently down for planned maintenance so don't be put off by the message you get) - it's a very good, friendly forum, which funnily enough is how I found this forum. Round about this time a couple of years ago it also nearly closed, and this forum was suggested as an alternative (you could say it's come full circle now), however another mod took it over at the 11th hour and it's still going fairly strongly, although, like many others, not as busy as it was when I first joined but still quite lively with other discussions too eg food and drink/w
  4. The Wild Hunt - Elizabeth Chadwick
  5. I'm enjoying it so far, I like the switch to Elizabeth London, it's better than the book at the moment.
  6. The Black Moon by Winston Graham
  7. Yes I noticed the board looked odd for a few days, I couldn't edit either, or even post at one point! Glad it's fixed now, thanks for your help.
  8. The Paris Winter - Imogen Robertson
  9. Here's mine January The Christmas Collection - Victoria Connelly 7/10 A Winter beneath the Stars - Jo Thomas 8/10 The Chalet - Catherine Cooper 7/10 February The Devils' Garden - Aline Templeton 7/10 Now you see them - Elly Griffiths 7/10
  10. A Baby Reindeer's 1st Christmas - very sweet, steam trains and reindeer, what more could you want for the feelgood factor! Xmas Would I lie to you was also good, as was the Strictly Come Dancing countdown - totally agree with the top 2 dances.
  11. Hope everyone is having as best a time as they can.
  12. Me too, I still think of Juliet Stevenson as The Mallen Girl (not sure if she'd be too happy about that!).
  13. I agree, probably the best thing she ever wrote. did you watch the TV series (1970s I think)?
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