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  1. Jane Eyre has street names and even some towns blanked out, not sure why either, and that's in book form. I assume Charlotte Bronte didn't want a particular area identified for whatever reason.
  2. Great news, thanks very much!
  3. I love Outlander, gave up on Grey's Anatomy ages ago but hope you enjoy both of them!
  4. I've been enjoying the Sky POTY/LOTY as well, I wasn't sure about the Landscape artist's semi final winning painting (of Docklands) but loved her commission for the final, it was stunning. I like Unforgotten as well, that last one was a bit of a shocker wasn't it! I'm also watching The Terror on BBC2, which is barmy but at least a bit different to everything else that's on at the moment. I recorded The Night Manager when it was repeated recently as I missed it the first time it was on, so will start on that soon.
  5. "The Potter's Field" by Andrea Camilleri (Inspector Montalbano)
  6. Madeleine


    Alien Dachshund!
  7. "Echoes of the Runes" by Christina Courtenay - dual time frame with Vikings!
  8. Just googled it, no High Banks Hall in the UK so the author either made it up, or if she did base it on a real place we'll probably never know which one it was.
  9. Doubt it would be either of those, sounds more like a John Grisham type author?
  10. I've been on this other forum for a while (it's currently down for planned maintenance so don't be put off by the message you get) - it's a very good, friendly forum, which funnily enough is how I found this forum. Round about this time a couple of years ago it also nearly closed, and this forum was suggested as an alternative (you could say it's come full circle now), however another mod took it over at the 11th hour and it's still going fairly strongly, although, like many others, not as busy as it was when I first joined but still quite lively with other discussions too eg food and drink/w
  11. The Wild Hunt - Elizabeth Chadwick
  12. I'm enjoying it so far, I like the switch to Elizabeth London, it's better than the book at the moment.
  13. The Black Moon by Winston Graham
  14. Yes I noticed the board looked odd for a few days, I couldn't edit either, or even post at one point! Glad it's fixed now, thanks for your help.
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