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  1. Hope you feel better soon Momac and your test results are OK. Knees can take a while to stop hurting! Stairlift sounds a great idea and a good solution, a work colleague has parents in a similar situation and as you say moving and downsizing would be way too stressful so they had a stairlift installed a few weeks ago and haven't looked back, they also use it for moving stuff up and downstairs, not just people! Good luck.
  2. All the best in your new home!
  3. Hi Rashel, I'm a fan of Cassandra Clare too. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Madeleine

    Have a Rant!

    Sorry to hear that Momac, my mum is similar with forgetfulness and going into a rant at the slightest thing, last night for example we discovered our landline wasn't working, so I only had my mobile and was on the phone to the landline company (premium rate call of course) and my phone ran out of credit! Got it topped up today and managed to get through again, turns out the problem is with the telephone exchange not our phone, so now waiting for them to fix it. Trouble is mum can't hear on the phone too well (me neither to be honest) so I was telling her what to say as she had to answer the security questions, and she couldn't hear what the guy was saying, but we got there eventually. Just trying to get anything done is a nightmare nowadays! Glad your daughter is doing OK, that must be a relief. Feel free to rant, it does help!
  5. Madeleine

    Have a Rant!

    Good point about GDPR.
  6. Madeleine

    Have a Rant!

    That's the point, I haven't opted in! And how the heck a surgery in Bristol got my number....although that seems to have stopped now.
  7. Madeleine

    Have a Rant!

    It seems that the NHS has somehow got hold of my mobile number - first of all, a few years ago I got occasional texts confirming my appointment at my doctor's surgery......in Bristol, but I live in London and apart from a couple of very brief visits have never been to Bristol. Now I've started getting texts from Barts Health Trust, which at least is almost the correct area, and yesterday got one asking for my feedback on my outpatients' appointment, which of course I didn't have (haven't been to the doctor since last October). I hope this ridiculous text service doesn't cost them anything, and if it does, then it's worrying that they can't get the right contact number, I hope no one missed an appointment because they didn't get the text reminder!
  8. Congrats Binker! She sounds very sensible, I agree weddings have become yet another industry, but she's showing it can still be done on a smaller, much more personal scale.
  9. There's also a TV movie of Plainsong, which pops up in the UK from time to time!
  10. Madeleine

    Have a Rant!

    Looks like they're still on, still haven't received our polling cards though.
  11. The Vanishing Box - Elly Griffiths
  12. I don't think that's to do with memory loss either, as Meg says, it's an automatic action to something you've got used to doing for a long time.
  13. I love the Poldark books - I've got 2 more to go! they're real comfort reads aren't they?
  14. Good luck with the lavender seeds! Went to a the lovely gardens at Wisley yesterday, rain held off most of the time and it was very enjoyable.
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