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  1. what is everyone doing?

    Those door sills are a menace aren't they, hope you feel better soon.
  2. A Discovery of Witches

    Oh yes I thought Diana in the TV show was quite drippy, but I don't remember her being that way in the book (long time since I read it).
  3. A Discovery of Witches

    HI Apple and Luna, I did enjoy the first book in this trilogy but unfortunately found the second one a bit of a slog and didn't bother with the third, I did enjoy the TV series although I found Diana a bit "wet"! Anyway you might be pleased to hear that there's a sort of prequel coming out, "Time's Convert" which tells Marcus's story.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    Yup Black Friday seems to last all week here, and over into today too. I generally avoid sales like the plague at any time of the year, can't stand the crowds, plus by the time I get there anything decent is gone or they don't have my size/preferred colour. That hawk sounds lovely, glad he didn't eat anything though! We get an occasional bird of prey in our garden and I saw a heron in the local park this morning.
  5. what is everyone doing?

    We had a frost yesterday morning, and some people in Kent and, as you say, Sussex, had a dusting of snow, but it's got a bit warmer now, and is drizzling again. Better order in some smoked salmon for your grand-toddler!
  6. what is everyone doing?

    That conjures up a great picture! Glad you didn't have to wash it all again.
  7. what is everyone doing?

    I don't like thunder either when it's really loud, although as you say it's just noise and not the dangerous bit! Our old lab used to be terrified of thunder (and fireworks) until she got deaf, she used to try to hide from it. Yep all the leaves are suddenly coming off now and it's very messy and slippery everywhere, quite mild today though and sunny after all the rain over the last few days.
  8. Book Chain

    The Quiet American - Graham Greene
  9. what is everyone doing?

    I bought a few English bulbs in M & S and have planted them in a tub, we have quite a lot of the Spanish ones in the garden so they're well away from those, so we'll see what happens.
  10. what is everyone doing?

    Wonder if they were English bluebells, were they plants or bulbs? I don't think you're meant to pick them, let alone take them out of the country!
  11. The Luckiest Guy Alive

    I saw him in the street the other day, he's quite a character!
  12. Book Chain

    Cold Mountain - Charles Frazier
  13. what is everyone doing?

    It was quite mild here over the weekend, planted some bluebell bulbs and did a bit of pulling up shrivelled plants from the summer, and cutting back some buddleia.
  14. what is everyone doing?

    Yes we had all that rain too, didn't really stop until the early afternoon. Then turned cold, very frosty this morning and now sunny and bright which is nice. The frost has finished off quite a few plants, although the dahlias seem OK.
  15. Song Chain

    Sorry, quite a lot with "blue" though I'd have thought!