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  1. Notre Dame

    I read somewhere that the organ had been saved, conflicting reports! Will be a massive project to put it mildly.
  2. Notre Dame

    Yes it's awful, one of my favourite buildings. And the architecture is so stunning, unlike the monstrous Pompidou Centre, which is hideous. Hopefully it will be restored, they managed to restore la Fenice in Venice and York Minster after fires, so fingers crossed they can do it for Notre Dame.
  3. Book Chain

    Jamaica Inn - Daphne du Maurier
  4. Book Chain

    HIgh Five - Janet Evanovich
  5. The Binding

    OK will take a look, thanks for the hint.
  6. The Dry

    The next book is good too, different story and setting, but still with Falk as the main investigator - "Force of Nature".
  7. The Binding

    And this is on my wishlist, I'm not sure whether I still want to read it now!
  8. Have a Rant!

    Couldn't have put it better myself, Cameron didn't think for one minute that Leave would win.
  9. The Binding

    Using metric distances in a historical novel - really??! I can't believe a proof-reader or editor didn't notice that. That's the sort of thing which makes me want to throw a book across the room, however good it is in other ways.
  10. Have a Rant!

    I don't think the government thought that "leave" would win, and were totally unprepared. I'm now beginning to think we'll never leave either, and yes as I said earlier a reform of the EU would be better for everyone, it seriously needs updating!
  11. Have a Rant!

    Very sensible suggestion about the EU needing to reform, I don't think we should have a second referendum though.
  12. what is everyone doing?

    It's lovely!
  13. what is everyone doing?

    the colours are gorgeous.
  14. Book Chain

    Cold Mountain - Charles Frazier
  15. what is everyone doing?

    We have robins here all year round. It's still a bit chilly, especially at night so I'm not going to put any new plants/bulbs/seeds out for a while yet. Hope your aches ease up soon Meg! Glad your back is OK though.